HOPE OF ISRAEL-a perfect example


  To introduce you to how evangelical Christians set up congregations to lure Jews into conversion, I am introducing you to, Hope of Israel. It is a messianic “Jewish” congregation in Charlotte, NC. This is from their website, under the heading, “our purpose.”
The congregation, in recognizing its unique calling to reach out to all people, but especially to the Jew first4, will have at its service a Jewish identity in worship; not to offend any non-Jewish brethren, but in order to reflect to the community the congregation’s sensitivities and understanding of the Scriptures regarding Israel’s Messiah who is the Savior of the world and to demonstrate as a congregation that God in Messiah has not forsaken His people Israel. The congregation, made up of Jew and non-Jew alike, further understands that this testimony will always be secondary to the testimony of their love one for another to the Glory of God.
   They don’t want to offend us, just convert us. I don’t know about you but I find that very offensive. This what I fight against, Christians having the audacity (and let’s be honest-great P.R.) to use our own rituals against us and they’re doing it globally. From their website:

Our Beliefs
Hope of Israel is a Messianic congregation where disciples growing in Messiah Yeshua will be planting new, stable Messianic congregations in Jewish communities worldwide, as well as helping in the global work of evangelism and disciple making to all with ears to hear. 
   Getting angry? Getting scared? Don’t care? Didn’t expect that last one did you. The sad truth is that most people don’t care. I hear the same responses over and over again: ” Any Jew stupid enough to listen to that crap deserves what they get!”  “My children have a good Jewish education, I don’t have to worry about them.”  What are you talking about?Why would they go after old people? That’s ridiculous!”  WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!  It has nothing to do with your IQ. It has been shown that the higher your intelligence, the more likely you are to be susceptible to conversion “brainwashing” tactics. Not sure why but possibly because smart people think they can argue with a missionary and win. You usually can’t because they are like a rubber wall, absorbing nothing and bouncing your arguments back to you.
  Children, especially teenagers, are strongly targeted. I remember my teenage years even though it was a very long time ago. When I was in high school I thought my friends were much smarter than my parents. Friends opinions meant much more than my mother’s and father’s viewpoints. Having a teenage grandson, I know that still holds true. In college, teens are testing their independence and are especially susceptible to conversion efforts, especially if they are offered by a pretty young woman or a handsome young man.
   Here’s what’s really scary. Hope of Israel and others like them, start training their children to evangelize from infancy. Don’t believe me? This is from their website:
Children’s Shabbat School
“Impress them on your Children”1
Our objective is to make Messianic disciples:

  • Transmitting values not teaching information.
  • Teaching biblical values in a Jewish cultural context.
  • Teaching values utilizing set curriculum, examples and drama.
  • Teaching biblical feasts throughout the year.
  • Utilizing God’s Word as our blueprint for living.

Shabbat School classes are available every Saturday morning at 9:30 am for all ages, including infants.
   Don’t let the words, Teaching values not teaching information, fool you. Focus on the fact they they are making messianic disciples of little children. By the time these babies become teenagers they are experts in using the lies of their congregation.
   Seniors are a large target of Hope of Israel. They go to assisted living and nursing homes, befriending Jews who often have little contact with their families. they take them out to lunch, shopping and spend time talking with them. There are two reasons for this, the first is the same as for others, they need Jews to convert because they believe it will bring about the second coming of Jesus and all that goes along with it. (I’ll be be writing about that in a future blog.) The second reason is money. Lonely older people, especially those that get easily confused, are encouraged to give large donations for their Jewish bretheren and Israel. (I’ll be blogging about what a lot of that money for Israel is really used for.) I know of one case where a woman left a considerable fortune to a messianic group, leaving nothing for her children. She also left instructions to be buried in a Christian cemetary which broke her children’s hearts.

   One thing I forgot to mention. Most members of messianic “Jewish” congregations were never Jewish. The “synagogues” are started with funds from evangelic churches and usually run by Christians acting like Jews. Most of the members are Christians and of course there are no practicing Jews. I say this because if you are born a Jew, that doesn’t change. Yet if you convert to christianity by accepting Jesus as your savior, then you are a practicing Christian. If such a person rejects Christianity and returns to Judaism, that person will still be considered a Jew. Unfortunately, messianic former Jews often say they are practicing Jews  in order to deceptively witness.

  In a future blog I will be giving statistics of the number and location of messianic “Jewish” organizations. Just know that they number in the hundreds and are growing in number and strength. It takes individuals like you and me, to expose these people for what they are. Be aware, be a Jew!


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