Welcome. On these pages you will learn about messianic “Jews” and other similar groups such as Torah Observant Christians, whose goals are to convert Jews to Christianity.They do this through the lie that you can believe in Jesus and still be a practicing Jew. Millions of dollars are raised by evangelic Christian missionaries for this sole purpose. It sounds crazy, I know, but they have an agenda and it’s not a good one. Their reach is global with a focus on Israel. My hope is to show you the truth so that not one more Jew will be lost!



  1. I have noticed a growing number of Messianic Temples as well as Torah observant Christians.
    I’m not sure of how to feel about or respond to this. As a Jewish mother it makes me feel insecure.
    Even at the price of insecurity, I believe in searching for the truth in all things. We are taught to look at the world with eyes open and questions on our lips. So, I’m listening…

    • I have no problem with people converting from one faith to another. My problem is with evangelical Christians who fund and run messianic “Jewish” congregations. They wear tallesim, kippot, sing Hebrew songs, dance Hebrew style dances, have Christian “Rabbis” and do everything they can to appear Jewish. Then they entice unsuspecting Jews of all ages and backgrounds, using methods they have been well schooled in, to get them to accept Jesus, or as they say, Yehoshua, first as their Jewish messiah and eventually as their savior. They do this because they believe it will bring on the second coming. They have raised multiple millions of dollars from Christian supporters under the guise of supporting Israel. It is a global effort with a concentration in Israel. In an upcoming blog I will be going into why they feel the need to do this and what they think will happen to non-believers; it isn’t nice, believe me.

  2. I have visited both a Messianic congregation (Beit Shofarot) and a Reform synangogue, and while I do find them similar, their beliefs do differ. I believe that you should leave the Messianic congregations alone and quit criticizing them for practicing their beliefs, unless they are hostile in activing pursuing converts from the Jewish faith. I understand that you don’t want the line blurred between the two religions, however, you should not try to re-establish that line by over criticizing the Messianic movement.

    • Cody, I do not know whether or not you are Jewish by birth or an evangelical Christian acting as if you are a Jew. In either case my response to you would be the same. The only similarity between a Jewish synagogue and a messianic congregation is the layer of Jewishness that messianics copy from Jewish traditions in order to deceive Jews into believing their lies. If you have read my blogs, you would know this to be true.You seem to believe that I should stop telling the truth about the evangelicals that lie to Jews because I do not want, “the line blurred between the two religions.” Let’s start with the fact that there is no “religion” called messianic “Judaism”. Once a person that is Jewish is deluded into believing that Jesus is the messiah, they are no longer Jewish, they are Christian. Therefore, messianic “Judaism” is a total misnomer.
      You mention Beit Shofarot so I will use quotes from their mission statement to make my point:
      “To share our faith in Yeshua by word and deed, to our Jewish people as well as all peoples. “ Words to this affect are on every evangelical mission statement as well as every messianic “Jewish” website. To the Jews first. The goal of converting Jews to Chrisitianity (disguised under the name, messianic “Judaism”), especially in Israel so that Jesus will return, is their battle cry; and it is a battle. They want Jews to be Christian, we want Christians to stop lying about their made-up religion.

      “* To identify with the overall Body of Messiah, to share a vision with and to train churches in the Jewish roots of our faith as well as to our calling and responsibility to love, pray for, support and witness to the Jewish people and Israel.” Jews believe that the Messiah will come when certain factors happen in our world. We do not believe that a man named Jesus was the messiah. There is no body of the messiah in the Jewish faith. That is from the Christian expression, “The body of Christ.” They just substituted the word Messiah for Christjust as they subbsitute the word Yeshua for Jesus. Evangelicals “seed ” congregations. Part of this plan is accomplished through training missionaries in churches in how to lie to Jews and to start new messianic groups. Is this, “hostile”? You bet it is. They are waging war and the battle is for Jewish souls. If evangelical Christians think that the traditions of Judaism that they emulate are so wonderful, then they should be be converting to Judaism. After all, it is the religion of the man they based their faith on. Christianity was invented after the death of Jesus.Check out real history books.
      So Cody, if you want to know the truth of places like Beit Shofarot, read all of my blog, go to the sites I have recommended and read them with an open mind, not one blocked by the lies of evangelical Christians. Good Luck!

  3. “Responding to your comment to Sara Channa Eisenmann:

    You said: The apathy among the majority of our people is shameful. I have even been called horrible names by Jews because I oppose Israel taking money from these preachers who use it to convert Jews for their own agenda. Hopefully there will be more people seeing the truth as more and more of Israel is infiltrated by the phony religion they call messianic „Judaism‰.

    I must say I couldn\’t agree more. In a recent conversation with a notable, respected Rabbi I raised this very issue of xstian Zionism. His reply was somehow not settling \”well at least they aren\’t trying to kill us anymore and they are supporting us\”. What too many of us (including our leadership) fail to realize about the majority of xstian Zionist is that they are evangelicals this word in and of itself means no more and no LESS than the theft of the Jewish soul as their (xstian Zionist – evangelicals) only objective target. Many of the jeezers (specifically J4j) when they go through their (training for \”soul winning\” = soul theft to the Jewish People) actually utilize within these \”training programs\”, military terms: mission(s), sortie(s) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sortie. They actually take their subjects often (Jewish converts to xstianity) lock them into hotels and brainwash them how to most effectively \”STEAL\” our Jewish souls. I am concerned that we must be more aware of their tactics but mostly realize their end goal is no different than it has ever been: \”To Destroy Our People\” their (xstianities specifically evangelicals) final solution to the Jewish problem. One must understand many of the decrees set forth at the Niacean Council http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Council_of_Nicaea http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Council_of_Nicaea

    • Arik,
      I understand exactly how you feel and I agree with much of what you say. This is a very emotional issue and like you, I sometimes get very angry at what evangelical Christians are trying to do. In this blog I try to be very accurate about what I and my followers write. I have no evidence of any Christians locking one of their Jewish victims in a hotel room to brainwash them. They do use cult-like tactics to convince Jews to follow “Yeshua” once they have lured them in with their phony Jewishness. To the best of my knowledge, they do not use strong brainwashing tactics such as preventing sleep, denying food and so on. If you do, I would love to see it. What they do offer is warmth, comfort, the familiarity of a Jewish upbringing and non-judgemental love and then they slip in how all of this comes from loving Yeshua (or Yehoshua) as your messiah. I’m simplifying a long process that starts with training Christian children in how to lure Jews for conversion from a very young age. We (aware Jews) need to be vigilant in educating our fellow Jews about the dangers of messianic “Judaism” and like groups. Thank you for doing so. Susan

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