Sid Roth is coming to Charlotte

Sid Roth’s, “It’s Supernatural & Messianic Vision, is coming to Charlotte, NC. He is nuts but very charasmatic (Do those two go hand in hand?) He has a television and radio show that reaches tens of thousands of believers, many of whom donate money for his cause. What is his cause? To have every Jew abandon their faith. Oh, he’ll put it in different words but the truth can only be covered, not removed.
He had Joan Hunter, another “healer”, on his show this past week. Here’s an excerpt I copied from his website.

“Joan Hunter prayed for a woman who was released from such torment of trauma that she instantly went from size 18 to 14. Then the next day she went to size 12. Get ready, your healing starts now. ”
    It took me almost a year to go lose 73 pounds and four sizes. If only I’d known I could do it in one day. I’d have saved myself a lot of hard work and exercise. I wonder if Joan or Sid could work a miracle so that I wouldn’t have to swim 180 laps a week? Hmmmm.
  I’ve been making light of the situation but it really is serious. On his website’s front page there are two categories that teach how to target Jews for conversion:Tools to Give to Jewish People and How to Share Yeshua. These lead you to fifteen books including, They Thought for Themselves by Sid Roth .  The book contains testimony from ten “Jews” that found Yehoshua. Sid has a link on his website where people can donate money so that the book can be mailed to every Jew. I collected five that were mailed to friends of mine. Of course the book is garbage but it is compelling garbage and this is how we lose Jews. People in and around Charlotte, NC, be aware that Sid wants to convert every Jew he can. My fear is that many of messianic “Jewish” groups in the area will be emboldened by his presence and step up their efforts so let’s all be aware.


2 thoughts on “Sid Roth is coming to Charlotte

  1. For what its worth, I also used to think Sid Roth was out of his mind, especially when I heard his Indiana Jones like theme song. My mom would always watch his show and one day I was watching his program on peace and was healed from chronic sciatica. About the weight loss, I never experienced that watching Sid Roth, but God healed me from a very serious digestive disorder earlier that year at my local church and ever since I have had a very fast metabolism. These two healings occured through different ministries, but have both came from Jesus Christ. Yes I am a christian, not very eloquent with words lol, but I love deeply my Jewish brothers and sisters. i don’t care how many insults I get here or elsewhere. It’s clear that Jews are special and chosen to God he says ” I will bless those who bless you, And the one who curses you I will curse. And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.” Genesis 12.3

    In regards to converting Orthodox Jews to messianic Jews, theres no secret in that, we are shown in the word “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.” Romans 1:16

    God Bless you

    • I am sincerely happy that your health is better. I truly believe in the power of prayer. What I do not believe is that a human can intervene for me with G-d and create a miracle for me through the television if i send him or her lots of money. Sid Roth is a flim-flam man, plain and simple. he is dangerous to Jews and Christians alike.

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