Their numbers are growing!

Our daughter is thinking of moving to Concord, NC  so I googled, “Synagogues in Concord” and guess what popped up first?  Beit Shofarot Messianic Synagogue!  I decided to try a little experiment so I googled other areas under the heading, Synagogues, to see what showed up:

  • Fort Mill, SC- #1, messianic
  • Matthews, NC -#’s 6&7, messianic
  • Pineville, NC -#’s 4&7, messianic

 (People need to let these listing sites know that the definition of Synagogue is: a Jewish house of worship. I’ve tried to but one voice is not enough. Messianic “Jewish” Congregations, in fact any non-Jewish house of worship  should not be listed under the heading of synagogues.)

  I regularly monitor and update the messianic groups in North Carolina and nearby parts of South Carolina and Beth Shofarot was new to me so I decided it was time to do an update. It was quite a shock and very disheartening to see the growth in the number of listed groups. Here are the messianic “Jewish” congregations that I found in less than five minutes of searching:

1. Adon Olam Messianic Congregation 259 Pine Drive, Piedmont, SC 29673-7838

2. IRVINE – SHUVAH YISRAEL MESSIANIC JEWISH CONGREGATION, …… Castle Hayne Road,Wilmington, NC 28401, (910)343- 3383, Email: …

3. – this is sam Nadler’s forum for “planting congregations” to convert Jews


4. Emek B’rachah  201 College Road Greensboro, NC


5. Congregation Sha’arei Shalom, Cary, NC


6. Home of Prayer Congregation, Charlotte, NC


7. Shabbat Shalom Messianic Congregation, Charlotte, NC


8. Todah Adonai Messianic Fellowship, Fayetteville, NC


9. Beth Messiah Messianic Fellowship, Jacksonville, NC


10. Messianic Home Bible Study, Wilmington, NC


11. Beth Hallel Messianic Synagogue, Wilmington, NC


12. Messianic Home Bible Study, Swansboro, NC


13. Beth Hallel Messianic Synagogue, Wilmington, NC


14. Hope of Israel Congregation
PO Box 28277
Charlotte, North Carolina 28270 




16. CHARLOTTE – LIGHT OF MESSIAH, Sam Nadler, PO Box 13219, Charlotte, NC

28270, (704) 362-1927.



Congragational Leader L. Jack Harrow Meets at Calvary Baptist Church, 1943

Pamalee Drive, (910)423-5979, Email address: .


18. KITTY HAWK – BETH OHR TORAH, Congregational Leader Carroll Price,

Meeting Address: Milepost 41/2, (252)449-4399


19. RALEIGH – BETH LECHEM, Gordon Tessler, P. O. Box 99005, Raleigh, NC

27624 870-9080, Email:


20. WILMINGTON – BETH HALLEL SYNAGOGUE, Rabbi George Holland, 1901

Castle Hayne Road,Wilmington, NC 28401, (910)343-3383, Email:

21. Beit Shofarot Messianic SynagogueChina Grove, NC North Carolina

22. Sh’ma Messianic Ministries
3863A Sweeten Creek Rd.
Arden, NC

23. Beth Shomair
Messianic Jewish fellowship group in the Asheville, North Carolina area. Includes articles and Torah Parashot.
 24. Beth Shomair Messianic Fellowship
Arden, North Carolina. Messianic Jewish congregation shows a meeting schedule and calendar.

25. CAYCE – CONGREGATION BETH LECHEM, 1221 Knox Abbot Drive, Cayce,

SC (803) 796-7137 or 957-9087, Email:



410401, Charlotte, NC, 28241, Tel. (803) 985-3510, Email:,




Cohen, Meets At: 1823 Augusta Road, Greenville, SC 29605,




Congregational Leaders: Dr. Ben Alpert, Rev. Andy Barnett, Rev. Dave Shook,

Meets at down town Ft. Mill, Mailing Address: PO Box 410401, Charlotte, NC

28241, (803) 985-3510, Email:, Website: www.

29. Beth Simchat Adonai, Fayetteville, NC,


30. Valley of Blessing Messianic PO Box 77544, Greensboro, NC 27417…

31. Messianic Women’s Fellowship, Hickory, NC

32. Torah/Hebrew Roots Fellowship, Jacksonville NC

33. Hebrew Believers Congregation, Melohagoyim, Winston Salem, NC

34. Children Of Yisrael, Durham, NC

35. Bri’th Hadoshah, High Point, NC

36. Fellowship for Sacred name/Messianic/ Women Fellowship, Chapel Hill, NC

  I stopped at 36 because honestly, it was making me sick. When I started this research almost ten years ago there were quite a few large organizations that were easy to keep track of. Now their influence has become so widespread that hundreds of individuals are starting congregations for the sole purpose of spreading their gospel to the Jew first. In Israel there were about ten messianic

“Jewish congregations. Today there are around 140 and that’s not counting all the centers that evangelical Christian missionaries have opened to help Israelis while the Christians that run them, spread their lies about following the Jewish “messiah,” Yehoshua.

  My heart aches for our people that have become victims of these people and for those who refuse to see the danger it represents to the future of Judaism. Don’t be one of them. find their sites, read their lies and join in the effort to educate Jews about their foes. Be aware, be Jewish!


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  1. Wow! I am shocked to see that there appear to be significantly more Messianic “Synagogues” than true synagogues. Thank you for keeping us informed of this very serious issue.

    • You are welcome. If you haven’t signed up to get new posts through your email, you might want to do that. Also, take a look at the Facebook page and “like” that page. I need to be able to show a lot of support to try and get our Jewish community leaders to pay attention. Thanks, Susan

    • Serafina,
      “shocked to see that there appear to be significantly more Messianic “Synagogues” than true synagogues”, but the Messianic ones ARE TRUE synagogues in spite of what you might have heard or read. Despite what you’ve read here, Messianic Jews are nothing more than “completed Jews” who’ve come to the realization that Yeshua HaMashiach IS the True Messiah they’ve been looking for all along.

      While I do realize that so called christians and others have done things against the Jewish people, there are those who dearly love and care about Jews more than any of you will ever come to realize (and would give their very lives for them too). It’s so very sad how not only mankind but hasatan as well, have lied to the Jews for years, in order to keep them from their One True Messiah.

      For those of you who still believe the awful, horrendous lie that “you can’t believe in Jesus and be a Jew as well”, might I ask you what group of people it was *Yeshua HaMashiach* (Jesus Christ) was born into, when He came to this Earth? He could have chosen any other but decided to “be born a Jew” (Isaiah 7:14-16), isn’t that amazing he ‘chose’ you over ALL others. Don’t believe me, check this out in the *Old Testament* for yourself (

      YHWH and Yeshua HaMashiach have both revealed Themselves to ‘The Apple of G-d’s Eye’, if you’re willing to seek Them out for yourself (Jeremiah 29:13). Would you be willing to take your ‘preconceived notions about Them’, put those aside and search out the answers to your questions for yourself? Read Isaiah 53 will show you who *Yeshua HaMashiach* really is when it comes to the Jews, but will you believe what He says or continue to follow those who are misguided and NEED Him too? Ask YHWH and Yeshua to prove Themselves to you in ways only They can, and then will you give them a chance to Love and know you too (Romans 10:1, Acts 21:20)? YHWH and Yeshua are holding out their loving arms to you, will you accept what They have to give? I hope and pray that you will. Blessings and Shalom to you.

      • I am only allowing this comment so I can reply as strongly as I possibly can: IF YOU BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST, YOU ARE CHRISTIAN. Christianity is the belief that Christ died for your sins, not that he is the Messiah the Jewish people have been waiting for, for such a long time.
        Some Evangelical Christians decided that the best way to get Jews to convert for their own purposes (see my earlier posts) was to use slick entrapments and lie through their teeth. By the way, Evangelical Christians love us because they want us to accept Christ so the Armaggedon will arrive. Since Jews don’t believe in that, we have no need to succomb to your garbage. Pray for me if you like, but not for my soul, that belongs to G-d, the only G-d.

  2. This movement is all over the map. Some, indeed are christian missionaries. But a growing number are sincere people who really want to walk in the light of Torah. Big River… You will have to dig deep to comprehend what is happening. The men of wisdom know that the conflict for the final disposition of this planet is at hand. It is the destiny of Yisrael to defeat all her enemies. Yet she will be surrounded by myriads from the nations, willing to fight and die for her. Read Zechariah 8 and get ready for the ingathering. It is for you.

    • Ari,
      As always, I google a person that leaves a comment. I see that you have a blog on First Fruits of Zion, an organization with which I am familiar. FFOZ is an educational resource for so called Torah Christians and messianic “Jews”. Their mandate is to be so much like real practicing Jews as to draw them in for conversion.
      Knowing this, I can better respond to your comment. Though I am nowhere near a bible scholar, (and when I say Bible I mean the original five books of Moses, not a Christian rewriting of the them) I have read commentaries by real Rabbis, not pretend messianic ones, on this prophet. I suggest that you do the same.
      As to the sincerity of evangelical Christians wanting to learn more about Torah just to broaden their knowledge, there may be some out there. Unfortunately, every one I have come across and I’m sorry but this includes you, learn a bastardized version of the Tanakh. As a follower of FFOZ I have no doubt that the only thing you are sincere about is how to convert Jews to bring on your belief in the end of days.

    • Ari, one can be sincere but sincerely wrong. Jews do not believe in
      the New Testament’s account of the end of days; so there is nothing to
      dig deep about.

      For now, until the end, lets just say that Jews do not need to be
      lured into believing in christianity…Nowhere does it say that Hashem
      wants Jews to become Christians… far as the gentiles who are sincere;
      they are sincerely being misled by the messianic movement.

    • Bubby,
      Your comment has a ring of truth to it. There are fewer Jews than Christians in most of these groups but unfortunately it is not because many Jews are leaving. Messianic “Jewish” congregations are “seeded” (their terminology) by evangelical Christian churches. Most of the so-called “Rabbis” are Christian as are the leaders of these groups. When you do see a person with a Jewish name (assuming that it is not a phony one) they are Jews that have converted to Christianity which makes them practicing Christians, not Jews. Thankfully, some Jews have come to their senses and realized that they were lied to and bamboozled into believing in being a”completed Jew” but not enough. Even worse, these Christians are stepping up their efforts to convert Jews as they believe the Armageddon is iminent and the rapture will come when enough Jews believe in Jesus. If you will do your part by educating those you know about this and asking them to do the same, we will keep our people safe. Education is the key. there are numerous groups out there to refer to; I have posted several on my site. Good luck!

      • I think what you are doing is noble, however, as a Jewish ex-messianic,
        for over 32 years, I disagree with you. Most Rabbi’s will not agree with
        you insisting on saying they are not Jews because they are interested
        in them returning to the community. Many Jews who are involved with
        this false movement..are truly and sincerely duped. Many ex-messianics
        who are Jews say that this kind of tactic (calling them non Jews) alienated them further and didn’t help bring them back; so its counterproductive.

        I think Jews should be warned of the dangers, but there is no need to
        push away the very Jews who have been caught up in a lie.

      • Bubby,
        If you read my posting entitled, “An Interesting Website” you would know that calling Jews that have joined messianic “Judaism”, Christians (not non-Jews) is something that I have struggled with. If a person that is born Jewish is lured into messianic “Judaism” or even chooses on their own to believe in Jesus as a savior, then they are by definition, Christian. Should they decide to abandon their Christian beliefs and turn back to their Jewish roots then they are Jewish.
        As someone who has spent a good amount of time talking to Jews by birth that became practicing Christians I have found that they are insulted when you call them Christians yet again, by definition, that is what they are. There is no fine line between Judaism and Christianity but a total separate basic tenet.
        Should I meet a messianic “Jew” that is conflicted and is thinking of coming back to Judaism, I would encourage that person in every way I could. Unfortunately, I have yet to meet such a person. What I have met are people that call themselves Jews, putting messianic in front of it, most of whom were born Christians and try to make a mockery of Judaism. Therefore I will not call any messianic a Jew because that just gives credence to them and makes it easier for them to lure Jews for conversion. I hope this clears up my reasons for not calling anyone who follows the tenets of messianic “Judaism” a Jew.

  3. I think this muddies the waters further– from First Fruits of Zion’s website:

    In Messiah, Gentile believers are sons of Abraham and have been grafted into the olive tree of Israel. There is no need for Gentile believers to feel like second-class citizens or seek some human affirmation by pursuing conversion.

    Messianic congregations truly believe that they ARE a bona fide branch of Judaism whether their congregants are of Jewish heritage or not. Many gentile congregants actually believe they are “spiritual” Jews simply because they embrace Torah– read: do Jewish things in their congregations, abstain from pork and shellfish, and observe Jewish/Biblical holidays.

    • To R. Silva,
      Anything you send from First Fruits of Zion only goes to prove the point that they are an organization dedicated to converting Jews. Pretending, or as FFOZ thinks, believing that messianic congregations are a true branch of Judaism, is just pure garbage. Christians took what they wanted from the Jewish religion and made Christianity. Even back then most of the people that worshipped Jesus had the good sense to realize that they no longer were the same as Jews and separate completely from them. So far as being a, “spiritual” Jew- sorry but Christians have no claim to that. Judaism is extremely spiritual but that comes from believing in one G-d and only one G-d. Spiritual feelings for Jesus are felt by Christians, not Jews. You can insult us by wearing our tallesim, imitating our prayers and reading a Christianized version of the one true Torah. What you cannot do is erase us. That has been tried many times before and has never succeeded. Pretending to be a Jew does not make you any kind of Jew and never will!

    • Hi Cindy,
      You are either uninformed or are trying to spread the lie that Congregation Sha’arei Shalom in Cary, NC is anything other than a tool to convert Jews to Christianity. Here is a link to their site where they unabashedly identify themselves as Messianic: Please understand that I will not allow anyone to use this blog to further evangelical Christian’s goal of telling Jews that they can believe in Jesus (Yeshua) and still practice Judaism. No matter how the Jews in these congregations use the paraphernalia that we Jews use to pray and follow the rituals of our faith, they will never be practicing Jews. Rather, they will be practicing Christians. As for the Christians who make up the majority of these organizations, they are in it only to trap Jews into conversion.
      So Cindy, if you were born Jewish and are a member of this congregation, you can lie to yourself all you want. Once you accepted Jesus as your messiah, savior or whatever, you stopped being a practicing Jew and now practice Christianity. If you want information on how to understand what was done to you and the truth of their lies, contact: Jews For Judaism. They have a website and are on Facebook. Perhaps they can lead you back to the beauty of your own faith.

  4. Hello, please help. I am a gentile who is passionate about living a Torah lifestyle. I read the Hebrew Scriptures and use them as a guide to conduct my life. I keep the weekly shabbat, I eat kosher and I keep the annual Festivals of Adonai. I suppose I may be like the foreigner who has attached to Israel (as in Isaiah 56). I was not born Jewish and I was raised as a Christian. I have since left christianity, seeing it as a twisted and broken religion. It’s roots came out of Judiasm but it has veered off the path and now follows a very pagan road.
    If the Jews are indeed waiting and watching for their Messiah to come, is it possible that they will refer to themselves as Messianic believers when Messiah sets up His kingdom? Since it will be possible that when He does come, not all may believe…..and so the ones who do will be labeled. If I believe that Yeshua is indeed the Jewish Messiah and have left Christianity…..and read the TNK and follow Hashem’s commandments, where do I fit in?
    I love being with the Jewish community, but it has also been a very lonely road, knowing I cannot fully share what I believe in my heart. What advice can you give me? What would you do if you were in my shoes? Thanks so much and much shalom to you, Carol

    • Carol,
      There is only one way to be fully a part of the jewish community and that is to convert to Judaism. This is a difficult decision but you have already done a lot of immersion into parts of Judaism.
      It is impossible to follow Judaism when you still have a connection to a belief in Jesus as that defines you as a Christian. I have known other people that followed your path. some went directly to Judaism, some went to messianic “Judaism”. They soon discovered that it was a phony faith trying to combine two religions that at their core were diametrically opposed. They then converted to Judaism and were very happy with their choice.
      Whatever path you decide to take, I hope you will always respect other real religions and never try to change people to your way to yours. Good luck in all you do.

  5. I was raised as Baptist. When I announced, recently, that I was converting to Judaism my family only said “Well if that’s what you want to do.” During all of my younger years I was taught that Israel and the Jewish people were to be celebrated and supported. Throughout my life I maintained my Christian faith but always had questions about its legitimacy. I always wanted to exercise a faith based on celebrating G-d and his word. Of which is to worship no others. I am a 41 year old man, husband, and father. I have only recenlty decided to finally do what I have known for years was the right thing to do. To convert to Judaism. This leads to my reason for commenting. I looked at the Messianic faith not realizing its foundation. I immediately saw it for what it was, Christians in Jewish clothing. I began researching for a synagogue in my area so I could talk with a Rabbi and as you stated in your blog it is very difficult to find one, especially if one is looking for a specific movement (reform, conservative, etc.). Thank you for the information.

  6. This is a bit misleading, Although there are jews who become “messianic” and there are messianic churches growing at most 10% are halachally if thats a word jewish. the ones who are are badly educated thats why outreach judaism and jews for judaism have been created

  7. Your comment is a bit difficult to understand but I will do my best to reply. First, the term, messianic “Jew” is a misnomer. Jews do believe that one day Moshiach (in English, Messiah) will come and bring peace and harmony to the world. That of course is a very simple explanation. We DO NOT believe that Jesus is the messiah, the son of G-d or anything else. Jews who join so-called messianc “Jewish” groups become practicing Christians once they accept Jesus and are no longer practicing Jews. Second, no church is halachicly Jewish. Halacha is a Hebrew word which comes from the word ‘halicha’ which means, the manner of behavior. It is a general term for all of Jewish Law. Jews have observed these laws for thousands of years. They are very complex and most of us look to our Rabbis to help us interpret them. Third. Jews for Judaism was created as a response to Jews for Jesus. Their goal is to educate Jews so that not even one Jew will fall prey to the lie of messianic “Judaism.” Outreach Judaism is a similar organization which was founded by Rabbi Tovia Singer, who used to work for Jews For Judaism. Neither organization works to teach halacha to churches or messianic “Jewish” groups. I hope this clears up some of your misconceptions.

    • I would like to know what *you* define as Judaism and Jew, christianity and christian. I have heard many definitions over the years and feel that it is important to clarify when generalizing one group or another.

      • I define a Jew as someone who was born to Jewish parents or who went through a proper conversion. Judaism is the faith that Jews follow.
        Christianity is a religion based on the belief that Jesus Christ died for their sins. Christians belief in Christ. His teachings as reported and expanded on by Paul became what is known as the New Testament. The Christian religion was not founded by Jesus but rather by Paul and his followers, long after Jesus, along with many other political prisoners was hung on a cross until death. Christians also follow what they call, The Old Testament, which is a rewritten version of the Jewish Bible which we believe came from G-d.
        There is no such religion as Messianic “Judaism.” There were messianic “Jews”, followers of Jesus’ supposed teachings but they had pretty much died out. Evangelical Christian Preachers or congregants came up with the idea of reviving and revitalizing the basics of this group and then twisted them around, using lies and deception to lure Jews into thinking they can be both believers in Christ (Christians) and Jewish. IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!

  8. You are following a “truth”, based on a lie. Jesus observed the Jewish traditions because he was a religious Jew, born to Jewish parents. He lived as a Jew and he died as a Jew. If you read history books on the subject, you would find this to be true. Paul made him a martyr and invented Christianity. If you really want to follow what Jesus believed in, go to your nearest Orthodox Rabbi and study Judaism. There is no other way to be Jewish, than to be a Jew.

  9. After reading all the comments above, there is a lot of discussion on the jargon being used. For example: Messiah = Christ = Anointed. The first being Hebrew, the second Greek, the third English. What is a “Messianic Jew”? Its a person of Jewish bloodline that believes that Jesus (Yeshua) is the Messiah (or Christ, or Annointed one), but also keeps the traditional practices of the Jewish religion in general. The 1st generation of Christians were all Jewish. It took decades before the 1st gentile was converted to believe in Jesus as the Messiah. These first believers did not stop practicing their Jewish faith because they believed Jesus was the Messiah but continued in it. It was not until centuries later that the Christians became predominantly gentile that they decided to ditch the jewishness of their faith (a very bad idea, I must say). Today’s modern Messianic Judaism is a return to that very 1st generation of believers in Yeshua. Are Messianic Jews really Jews? Well depends on your particular definition. Their DNA says they are (my DNA says I’m a Jew, a descendant of Avraham, Yitzhak & Yaakov). Are they Orthodox, Conservative, Reform or any other expression of Judaism that does not recognize Jesus as the Messiah? No they are not, they are Messianic Jews, or if you prefer the Greek word Christian Jews.

    I’ll end with a few thoughts; What if Messianic Jews are right? Would you be willing to accept as truth that Jesus is the Messiah? What about the other way around? In the end both Messianic and non-Messianic Jews are waiting for the coming of the Messiah. Some his first coming and the others his 2nd coming. So rather than beating each other up lets work together for G-d. Both camps have so much more in common than differences. I guarantee you that G-d’s throne ain’t in jeopardy.

    • Robert, you, like many of the people that post on my blog, don’t realize that I check you out before I reply. I found your webpage about interfaithfulness and it is obvious that you are one of the growing number of people that believe if you tell a lie often enough, people will begin to believe it.
      Jesus was one of many people in that period of Jewish history, who either proclaimed to be or were perceived by their followers to be, the Messiah. All of them, including Jesus were proved to be false. After the death of Jesus for mostly political reasons (he was one of hundreds and more that were crucified) his Jewish followers called themselves messianic Jews. They were Jews in all ways who believed that Moshiach, the messiah, had come. These people existed for a number of years and then basically died out. Paul, many years after the death of Jesus, came up with the Christian religion and the gospels.

      Jesus was NEVER a Christian. Messianic “Judaism”, Torah Observant Christians and all the other groups of that ilk are phony groups run by evangelical Christian churches. They spend millions of dollars every year trying to convert Jews so that, as they believe, these Jews will bring on the second coming. At that time, they hope these converted Jews will battle the anti-Christ by converting even more people to believe in Jesus.

      You ask me, “What if Messianic Jews are right?” Since I don’t believe there is such a religion as messianic “Judaism” my answer is obvious. I will pose a question to you. If you want to follow the teachings of Jesus, why aren’t you converting to orthodox Judaism and living the way he did and believing as he did? Think about it. Bottom line, if you believe in the Christian Jesus you are Christian. Calling him Yeshua won’t make Christians, Jews.

      • Sir, all of your comments are Christian bashing. I could go line for line and challenge you; however, that’s not what Christians are all about. If you don’t want to believe in Jesus (Yeshua), then by all means, don’t. God himself gives everyone free will. But please, you shame yourself when you berate people who embrace Judaism and Christianity.
        If you would like to understand why I believe YOUR comments are all “proven false”, I’ll be happy to provide those details. In the meantime, shalom. I pray tonight Jesus visits you and explains.

      • Linda,
        Your first mistake was calling me sir; I am a woman. Your second was saying that I berate people that embrace Judaism and Christianity. I firmly believe that every person has the right to worship as they please and I will fight to make sure that right is secured. What I do not believe is that any one religion has the right to usurp the traditions of another to try and lure their believers into conversion. Simply put, evangelical Christians who form congregations with Jewish sounding names, use Jewish paraphernalia and use altered Jewish prayers, have no rights and deserve to be mocked and have my full derision. So Linda, if you are a Christian that is using lies and fraud to convince Jews that they can believe in Jesus and still be Jewish, I will do all I can to expose you and others that do the same. By the way, Jesus didn’t come to visit. If he did, it would probably be to join me at Shabbat services in my orthodox synagogue. That’s the one thing that Christians do not seem to get. Jesus was born a Jew and died a Jew. If you want to believe in jesus (and not the teachings of the Gospel which he had nothing to do with) then you need to convert to orthodox Judaism, not the other way around.

      • Thanks for your reply. You got me thinking about several things. Perhaps someday we can get together for dinner or something. I live in the Raleigh area. I grew up in Mexico city and had many Jewish friends, neighbors, Drs, bosses, students, etc. there. Its only recently that I have been digging in into my Jewish roots.

      • I see that you are simply an angry person who is not even open to opinions of others. Fortunately, G-d Himself isn’t as upset about this issue as YOU are. Nobody is TRYING to get Jews to believe in Jesus. If your faith were for everyone, then you wouldn’t need to defend yourselves from us. You would all be so happy in your faith, that nobody could change your minds. Like me, nobody can change me from being a Christian, therefore, I have friends of all different faiths and I learn about all of them. I’m not afraid. You are consumed with hate. I feel badly for you.

      • I love all you guys! Jew & Gentile, Christian & Jew, and everyting in between 😊

      • I reserve my love for family and close friends but I do respect the right for people to follow whatever religion they choose. Here’s the problem with messianic “Judaism”; it is not a religion. Taking the faith of a people and perverting to try and get them to convert to Christianity is not the definition of religion.

      • I certainly understand how you feel. I used to feel like that about Protestants when I was a Catholic, and in spite of 500 years of worldwide spreading of Protestantism the Catholic Church is still alive and very strong. And now both religions get along much better focusing more in what they have in common than what differentiates them.

        It is true that the modern Messianic Jewish movement started within the Protestant Church and continued more specifically within the Evangelical portion of the Protestant Church. Nevertheless, It was the first time in over 1700 years that Jewish converts to Christianity were allowed to keep their Jewish traditions, customs & culture, something the Catholic & Orthodox churches did not allow.

        Nowadays, those Christian Jews have taken the next step and are breaking their “ties” with gentile churches and have begun to exercise their faith as they see fit without gentile Christians permission nor approval. And as with any Christian Church proselitization is of major concern, and I realize that that concerns you because they specifically target jews.

        Whether Messianic Judaism is a legit religion or not, all new religious movements started as a small sect, but the endurance of time and growth in numbers legitimized in in the eyes of other faiths. Who would have thought that protestantism would become the 2nd largest branch of Christianity even surpassing the Orthodox Christian churches?

        Only time will tell what will happen with the modern Messianic Jewish movement But irregardless I expect Traditional Judaism to remain strong, perhaps even get stronger. “Competition” usually has that effect.

        As for me personally, Messianic Judaism was a natural next step to honor my Jewish ancestry on both of my parents (Spain from my Mom & Hungary from my Dad). It made more sense to me than to remain an Evangelical (Protestant), which I had been for almost 30 years.

        I admire you because you stand up for what you believe in. Keep doing your work. It helps the Jewish community as a whole, and in a way it also helps the Messianic Jewish movement as well.

      • Robert, thank you for your interesting and insightful comments. With all the information you have written, one sentence stands out, “It was the first time in over 1700 years that Jewish converts to Christianity were allowed to keep their Jewish traditions, customs & culture,…” Do you understand how offensive that statement is and what it stands for? I am sure that when you wrote it, you were doing so from a historical perspective and did not fully realize what those words mean.

        From the very early days of monotheism others have tried to convert the Israelites, now better known as Jews. These conversions were done through torture with death being the only other option. Yes there were Jews, over the years who in their desire to assimilate, took on the popular religions of the countries they resided in. Being accepted and not living in fear are strong lures for those whose faith is not strong. Even today, the missionaries who run the messianic “Jewish” congregations prey on those who are least informed, most confused or in mixed marriages. They know their target audience.

        You agree that throughout history to this day, Jews have been the target of gentiles for conversion. To say that you now allow us to keep the outer trappings of our faith while pushing us in any way possible to believe in Christianity is almost comical. How would you or any other Christian feel if I said that you would be allowed to worship in a building that looked like a church, sing hymns with the same tunes as the ones you already know BUT you could no longer accept Jesus. Sounds ridiculous to you doesn’t it? Well that is how messianic “Judaism” sounds to me. Using the outer trappings of Judaism and then infusing it with the beliefs of Christianity is just as ridiculous. You can call Jesus, Yeshua and say he is the messiah instead of the son of God and your savior. None of this matters as your goal is the same, to convert Jews to Christianity. “ALLOWING” us to pretend to be practicing Judaism is an affront to all Jews. Until Christians realize that their efforts to convert Jews is the least Christian thing they can do; we will continue to be a target and I and others will continue to fight against their efforts.

      • I owe you an apology, it was never my intention to offend you or any Jew. But just to be sure my comment was understood properly, it was the Catholic & Orthodox Christians that did not allow the Jewish converts to keep their Jewish Traditions, the Jews had nothing to do with that. In fact, that even went to the extreme during the Spanish Inquisition because many converted Jews were killed just because of the slightest suspicion of any Jewish practice. I can only imagine what my Jewish ancestors in Spain went through.
        On this subject, could you recommend a book about historical facts of the persecution of Jews throughout the centuries?

      • I would be happy to recommend a book for you I will check with my husband as he is a history buff and very well read on this subject. I can tell that you are a little confused about the history of the Jewish people and would benefit from learning more. Give him a couple of days to find what you need.

      • Robert, I have been looking up books online and found this interesting timeline. It gives the date, location and what they did to the Jews. I thought you and my readers would learn something new. I certainly did.

        Jewish Persecution | Timeline of Judaism | History of AntiSemitism

        Lesser Known Highlights of Jewish International
        Relations In The Common Era (an Abbreviated sampling)


        250 C.E. Canhage Expulsion

        224 C.E. Italy Forced Conversion

        325 C.E. Jerusalem Expulsion

        351 C.E Persia Book Burning

        357 C.E. Italy Property Confiscation

        379 C.E. Milan Synagogue Burning

        415 C.E. Alexandria Expulsion

        418 C.E. Minorca Forced Conversion

        469 C.E. Ipahan Holocaust

        489 C.E. Antioch Synagogue Burning

        506 C.E. Daphne Synagogue Burning

        519 C.E. Ravenna Synagogue Burning

        554 C.E. Diocese of Clement (France) Expulsion

        561 C.E. Diocese of Uzes (France) Expulsion

        582 C.E Merovingia Forced Conversion

        612 C.E. Visigoth Spain Expulsion

        628 C.E. Byzantium Forced Conversion

        629 C.E. Merovingia Forced Conversion

        633 C.E. Toledo Forced Conversion

        638 C.E. Toledo Stake Burnings

        642 C.E. Visigothic Empire Expulsion

        653 C.E. Toledo Expulsion

        681 C.E. Spain Forced Conversion

        693 C.E. Toledo Jews Enslaved

        722 C.E. Byzantium Judaism Outlawed

        855 C.E. Italy Expulsion

        876 C.E. Sens Expulsion

        897 C.E. Narbonne Land Confiscation

        945 C.E. Venice Ban on Sea Travel

        1009 C.E. Orleans Massacre

        1012 C.E. Rouen, Limoges & Rome Massacre

        1012 C.E. Mayence Expulsion

        1021 C.E. Rome Jews Burned Alive

        1063 C.E. Spain Massacre

        1095 C.E. Lorraine Massacre

        1096 C.E. Northern France & Germany 1/3 of Jewish Population Massacred

        1096 C.E. Hungary Massacre

        1096 C.E. Ralisbon Massacre

        1099 C.E. Jerusalem Jews Burned Alive

        1100 C.E. Kiev Pogrom

        1140 C.E. Germany Massacres

        1146 C.E. Rhine Valley Massacre

        1147 C.E. Wurzburg Massacre

        1147 C.E. Belitz (Germany) Jews Burned Alive

        1147 C.E. Carenton, Ramenu & Sully (France) Massacres

        1171 C.E. Blois Stake Burnings

        1181 C.E. France Expulsion

        1181 C.E. England Property Confiscation

        1188 C.E. London & York Mob Attacks

        1190 C.E. Norfolk Jews Burned Alive

        1191 C.E. Bray (France) Jews Burned Alive

        1195 C.E. France Property Confiscation

        1209 C.E. Beziers Massacre

        1212 C.E. Spain Rioting and blood bath against the Jews of Toledo.

        1215 C.E. Rome Lateran Council of Rome decrees that Jews must wear the “badge of shame” in all Christian countries. Jews are denied all public sector employment, and are burdened with extra taxes.

        1215 C.E. Toulouse (France) Mass Arrests

        1218 C.E. England Jews Forced to Wear Badges

        1231 C.E. Rome Inquisition Established

        1236 C.E. France Forced Conversion/Massacre

        1239 C.E. London Massacre & Property Confiscation

        1240 C.E. Austria Property confiscation. Jews either imprisoned, converted, expelled, or burned.

        1240 C.E. France Talmud Confiscated

        1240 C.E. England Book Burning

        1240 C.E. Spain Forced Conversion

        1242 C.E. Paris Talmud Burned

        1244 C.E. Oxford Mob Attacks

        1255 C.E. England Blood libel in Lincoln results in the burning / torture of many Jews & public hangings.

        1261 C.E. Canterbury Mob Attacks

        1262 C.E. London Mob Attacks

        1264 C.E. London Mob Attacks

        1264 C.E. Germany Council of Vienna declares that all Jews must wear a “pointed dunce cap.” Thousands murdered.

        1267 C.E. Vienna Jews Forced to Wear Horned Hats

        1270 C.E. Weissenberg, Magdeburg, Arnstadt, Coblenz, Singzig, and Erfurt Jews Burned Alive

        1270 C.E. England The libel of the “counterfeit coins” – all Jewish men, women and children in England imprisoned. Hundreds are hung.

        1276 C.E. Bavaria Expulsion

        1278 C.E. Genoa (Spain) Mob Attacks

        1279 C.E. Hungary & Poland The Council of Offon denies Jews the right to all civic positions. The Jews of Hungary & Poland are forced to wear the “red badge of shame.”

        1283 C.E. Mayence & Bacharach Mob Attacks

        1285 C.E. Munich Jews Burned Alive

        1290 C.E. England King Edward I issues an edict banishing all Jews from England. Many drowned.

        1291 C.E. France The Jewish refugees from England are promptly expelled from France.

        1292 C.E. Italy Forced conversions & expulsion of the Italian Jewish community.

        1298 C.E. Germany The libel of the “Desecrated Host” is perpetrated against the Jews of Germany. Approximately 150 Jewish communities undergo forced conversion.

        1298 C.E. Franconia, Bavaria & Austria Reindfel’s Decree is propagated against the Jews of Franconia and Bavarai. Riots against these Jewish communities, as well as those in Austria, result in the massacre of 100,000 Jews over a six-month period.

        1306 C.E. France Expulsion

        1308 C.E. Strasbourg Jews Burned Alive

        1320 C.E. Toulouse & Perpigon 120 Communities Massacred & Talmud Burned

        1321 C.E. Teruel Public Executions

        1328 C.E. Estella 5,000 Jews Slaughtered

        1348 C.E. France & Spain Jews Burned Alive

        1348 C.E. Switzerland Expulsion

        1349 C.E. Worms, Strasbourg, Oppenheim, Mayence, Erfurt, Bavaria & Swabia Jews Burned Alive

        1349 C.E. Heilbronn (Germany) Expulsion

        1349 C.E. Hungary Expulsion

        1354 C.E. Castile (Spain) 12,000 Jews Slaughtered

        1368 C.E. Toledo 8,000 Jews Slaughtered

        1370 C.E. Majorca., Penignon & Barcelona Mob Attack

        1377 C.E. Huesca (Spain) Jews Burned Alive

        1380 C.E. Paris Mob Attack

        1384 C.E. Nordlingen Mass Murder

        1388 C.E. Strasbourg Expulsion

        1389 C.E. Prague Mass Slaughter & Book Burning

        1391 C.E. Castille, Toledo, Madrid, Seville, Cordova, Cuenca & Barcelona Forced Conversions & Mass Murder

        1394 C.E. Germany Expulsion

        1394 C.E. France Expulsion

        1399 C.E. Posen (Poland) Jews Burned Alive

        1400 C.E. Prague Stake Burnings

        1407 C.E. Cracow Mob Attack

        1415 C.E. Rome Talmud Confiscated

        1422 C.E. Austria Jews Burned Alive

        1422 C.E. Austria Expulsion

        1424 C.E. Fribourg & Zurich Expulsion

        1426 C.E. Cologne Expulsion

        1431 C.E. Southern Germany Jews Burned Alive

        1432 C.E. Savory Expulsion

        1438 C.E. Mainz Expulsion

        1439 C.E. Augsburg Expulsion

        1449 C.E. Toledo Public Torture &. Burnings

        1456 C.E. Bavaria Expulsion

        1453 C.E. Franconia Expulsion

        1453 C.E. Breslau Expulsion

        1454 C.E. Wurzburg Expulsion

        1463 C.E. Cracow Mob Attack

        1473 C.E. Andalusia Mob Attack

        1480 C.E. Venice Jews Burned Alive

        1481 C.E. Seville Stake Burnings

        1484 C.E. Cuidad Real, Guadalupe, Saragossa & Teruel Jews Burned Alive

        1485 C.E. Vincenza (Italy) Expulsion

        1486 C.E. Toledo Jews Burned Alive

        1488 C.E. Toledo Stake Burnings

        1490 C.E. Toledo Public Executions

        1491 C.E. Astorga Public Torture & Execution

        1492 C.E. Spain Expulsion

        1495 C.E. Lithuania Expulsion

        1497 C.E. Portugal Expulsion

        1499 C.E. Germany Expulsion

        1506 C.E. Lisbon Mob Attack

        1510 C.E. Berlin Public Torture & Execution

        1514 C.E. Strasbourg Expulsion

        1519 C.E. Regensburg Expulsion

        1539 C.E. Cracow & Portugal Stake Burnings

        1540 C.E. Naples Expulsion

        1542 C.E. Bohemia Expulsion

        1550 C.E. Genoa Expulsion

        1551 C.E. Bavaria Expulsion

        1555 C.E. Pesaro Expulsion

        1556 C.E. Sokhachev (Poland) Public Torture & Execution

        1559 C.E. Austria Expulsion

        1561 C.E. Prague Expulsion

        1567 C.E. Wurzburg Expulsion

        1569 C.E. Papal States Expulsion

        1571 C.E. Brandenburg Expulsion

        1582 C.E. Netherlands Expulsion

        1593 C.E. Brunswick Expulsion

        1597 C.E. Cremona, Pavia & Lodi Expulsion

        1614 C.E. Frankfort Expulsion

        1615 C.E. Worms Expulsion

        1619 C.E. Kiev Expulsion

        1635 C.E. Vilna Mob Attack

        1637 C.E. Cracow Public Torture & Execution

        1647 C.E. Lisbon Jews Burned Alive

        1648 C.E. Poland 1/3 of Jewry Slaughtered

        1649 C.E. Ukraine Expulsion

        1649 C.E. Hamburg Expulsion

        1652 C.E. Lisbon Stake Burnings

        1654 C.E. Little Russia Expulsion

        1656 C.E. Lithuania Expulsion

        1660 C.E. Seville Jews Burned Alive

        1663 C.E Cracow Public Torture &. Execution

        1664 C.E. Lemberg Mob Attack

        1669 C.E. Oran (North Africa) Expulsion

        1670 C.E. Vienna Expulsion

        1671 C.E. Minsk Mob Attacks

        1681 C.E. Vilna Mob Attacks

        1682 C.E. Cracow Mob Attacks

        1687 C.E. Posen Mob Attacks

        1712 C.E. Sandomir Expulsion

        1727 C.E. Russia Expulsion

        1738 C.E. Wurtemburg Expulsion

        1740 C.E. Liule Russia Expulsion

        1744 C.E Bohemia Expulsion

        1744 C.E. Livonia Expulsion

        1745 C.E. Moravia Expulsion

        1753 C.E. Kovad (Lithuania) Expulsion

        1757 C.E. Kamenetz Talmud Burning

        1761 C.E. Bordeaux Expulsion

        1768 C.E. Kiev 3,000 Jews Slaughtered

        1772 C.E. Russia Expulsion

        1775 C.E. Warsaw Expulsion

        1789 C.E. Alsace Expulsion

        1801 C.E. Bucharest Mob Attack

        1804 C.E. Russian Villages Expulsion

        1808 C.E. Russian Countryside Expulsion

        1815 C.E. Lubeck & Bremen Expulsion

        1820 C.E. Bremes Expulsion

        1843 C.E. Austria & Prussia Expulsion

        1850 C.E. New York City 500 People, Led by Police, Attacked & Wrecked Jewish Synagogue

        1862 C.E. Area under General Grant’s Jurisdiction in the United States Expulsion

        1866 C.E Galatz (Romania) Expulsion

        1871 C.E. Odena Mob Attack

        1887 C.E. Slovakia Mob Attacks

        1897 C.E. Kantakuzenka (Russia) Mob Attacks

        1898 C.E. Rennes (France) Mob Attack

        1899 C.E. Nicholayev Mob Attack

        1900 C.E. Konitz (Prussia) Mob Attack

        1902 C.E. Poland Widespread Pogroms

        1904 C.E. Manchuria, Kiev & Volhynia Widespread Pogroms

        1905 C.E. Zhitomir (Yolhynia) Mob Attacks

        1919 C.E Bavaria Expulsion

        1915 C.E. Georgia (U.S.A.) Leo Frank Lynched

        1919 C.E. Prague Wide Spread Pogroms

        1920 C.E. Munich & Breslau Mob Attacks

        1922 C.E. Boston, MA Lawrence Lowell, President of Harvard, calls for Quota Restrictions on Jewish Admission

        1926 C.E. Uzbekistan Pogrom

        1928 C.E. Hungary Widespread Anti-Semitic Riots on University Campuses

        1929 C.E. Lemberg (Poland) Mob Attacks

        1930 C.E. Berlin Mob Attack

        1933 C.E. Bucharest Mob Attacks

        1938-45 C.E. Europe Holocaust

        Jewish persecution source:

        P.E. Grosser & E.G. Halperin, Anti-Semitism: Causes and Effects, New York: Philosophical Library, 1978

        Posted in: Jewish History


        Why The Jews? (online seminar)

      • Robert I read the article you wanted to post and it was very informative. I am not posting it because this is not what my blog is about. Please continue to do research in Jewish resources and learn what you want to know. My job is to expose messianic “Judaism” for the lie that it is and that is what I need the focus of this blog to be. I hope you understand.

      • Linda, I am not an angry person but there are things that do upset me at my very core. Let me address your comments.

        I started this blog to inform Jews about the dangers of messianic “Judaism” and groups of that ilk; not to become a friend of those who use my faith to try and convert my fellow Jews to Christianity.

        Do you speak to God and does he answer you? If not, how do you know whether or not God is upset?

        Unless you did not read one bit of my postings, you would know that there are thousands of people trying to convert us through the lie of messianic “Judaism.” This doesn’t take into account the millions of Christians just trying to witness to us with the goal being our conversion. Better get to know your own faith (if you are a Christian) before you make ridiculous comments like that.

        Jews do not seek converts but our faith is not exclusionary. Anyone who is truly serious about taking the path to becoming Jewish will eventually be accepted to study towards conversion. Yes, it is a difficult path and takes up to two years or more. I can not comment if it is worth it as I was born Jewish. Those I know who have converted have never showed any regrets.

        I am not trying to defend myself from you, I, and many others are trying to expose messianic “Judaism for the trap that it is.

        I am extremely happy in my faith as I participate fully in Judaism and know the beauty and peace that it brings to us. Unfortunately there are many Jews that are so assimilated that they have lost connection to their roots. These are the easy targets as well as teens (who question everything, especially when they leave home for college), Jews that marry out of their faith and the lonely and disenfranchised. These are the ones that evangelicals teach their members to seek out. You are correct, nobody can change my mind and I will do all I can to educate Jews so that no one can change their minds either.

        Throughout my life I have had friends of all races and religions and have been fortunate to learn from them through their experiences and vice-versa. Not once did any of them try to do anything to convert me as they respected my firm belief in Judaism.

        You have nothing to be afraid of. No Jew is going to try and convert you to Judaism by saying that you can stop believing in Jesus as your savior and think of him as just a Jew and still remain a Christian. Do you understand what I am saying?

        I am not filled with hate, I am worried about my people and mourn the loss of each Jew that is lured into conversion through lies and cult-like methodology. For that you can feel bad.

  10. Question. I read above a lot of warnings about the Dangers of Messianic (Christian) Jews. Could you please be more specific? I’m not clear on the danger aspect.

    • The answer is very simple and also very complicated. The simple answer is that they are trying to finish what Hitler started; the death of Judaism. The more complicated answer is that messianic “Judaism” was a sect of Jews that believed the man now called Jesus Christ was the Jewish messiah. After his death, Paul wrote the gospels, based in part on some of the teachings of Jesus. Over time, all things Jewish were removed from their belief and there was a split between those Jews that wanted to stay Jewish and those who wanted to believe in the new religion called Christianity. Eventually Christianity thrived and the so-called messianic Jews, all but faded away. This new messianic “Judaism” is nothing more than a fabrication being used to convert Jews so, as the evangelicals believe, they will try and convert people when the anti-Christ walks the earth.

      Evangelicals have the right to try and convert people as do all religions (except Judaism, we do not seek converts) but not the right to use a mockery of Judaism to attract and deceive Jews. This is what I protest, this is what I educate people about. This is what other Christians believe is an affront to all religions. Therefore when I warn people of the dangers of messianic “Judaism” that is what I mean. We are a small people and have survived against unbelievable odds, I believe with help of God. Hopefully, we will survive, once again, the efforts of Christians to force (the Inquisition) or coerce us into converting. There are many paths to God, we should all respects each others ways to reach Him, not use any methods possible, no matter how unethical and immoral to make others believe as you do. Hopefully this has answered your question.

  11. You say that, “Jesus was a Jew and died a Jew. If I want to be like him, I need to be a Jew.” How do you explain his belief in himself to be the savior of the world? He believed in himself to the point of death. And not an easy death, but by means of the most horrific torture ever committed on a human being. If he did not believe in himself to be the savior, then he must have been a fool…or insane. Would not a rational person have given up on his claim to be God under the pressure? Were all of the witnesses liars? So to be truly like Jesus, a Jew who died a Jew, do as he said, “follow me.”

    • Ellen,
      I’m not sure which post you are referring to but I am sure that you are misquoting me. Jesus was born to Jewish parents and when he died he was still a Jew with followed the teachings of Judaism. I always think of him as the Abby Hoffman of his day; challenging his elders to be better people and better Jews. Everything you believe about him was written after his death by Paul and others who had followed him. Therefore if you want to believe in the teachings of Jesus and live as he did, you should follow orthodox Judaism. Please note, we do not seek converts and if you are accepted for conversion, it is not an easy path.

      I have to comment on your referring to the crucifixion. Jesus was one of hundreds, perhaps thousands that were crucified at the time for political reasons. Yes it was a horrible way to die but have you heard of the Holocaust? If you studied history you would know that then and many other times in the past, people have been tortured in ways that make crucifixion seem tame. I
      As to the witnesses: if you have read the gospels, you know that they constantly contradict each other; each with their own agenda. So much for the reliability of the witnesses. I am not trying to denigrate the dogma of Christianity, just stop people from using it to try and convert Jews. Sometimes it seems that the only way to get Christians to understand that using the physicality of Judaism to lure Jews to Christianity is offensive; is to show the inaccuracies of the religion they believe in. How about you just practice your own faith and back off of trying to get everyone to be you. Just remember, Christianity took it’s tenets from Judaism and grew into its own religion. Who ever heard of the tree trying to destroy its roots? Judaism was here long before Christianity and has survived many groups trying to destroy us. Our belief in one God has sustained us when all the odds were against us. With Gods help we will be here until the real Moshiach (messiah) comes.

      • Amein (אםן)
        This argument won’t be won by words by either position. Nevertheless, the discussion must and will go on. Lets keep it civil in accordance to all of our American traditions.

  12. I am reading the many comments to your blog/s. All what I knew about Judaism when I was little,you could count on one hand.After the 2WW,I was terrible alone and lonely.Everyone was gone,nobody returned.but I knew for sure one thing:I was Jewish.even I believed during my early childhood,my name was dreckiger Jude-dirty Jew.As the years went by,I needed so deperately to belong domewhere,and the christians seemed so welcoming.The christian teaching also had an answer to “why all this (the Holocaust) happened to me and my family.The answer was short and directly to the point:you crucified christ and you deserve to die.If you dont’ accept jesus ,you will burn in hell!!! So the horrors and fears of the Holocaust continued,it just had another name.
    What made it even worse,was I knew I didn’t really believe in jesus,I just whatever they were teaching,i knew I was bound for hell.No hope for me……
    What a relief when I realized that the hole thing was a BIG lie!!!!!!
    I will not tire you with more details only this: I really experienced leaving Egypt and staying at Sinai when we received the Torah,and finally entered the Promised Land,leaving my slave mentality behind like a discharged dirty garment.
    I wish you and your family and all our Jewish friends a Happy Passover!!!

  13. After reading your post, I feel confused. I have been contemplating converting to Judaism for some time now but I dont know where to turn.

    • Toi,
      My comments are never meant to discourage anyone who wishes to convert to Judaism with a pure heart and no ulterior motives. By this I mean that there are those who convert to Judaism but once converted, use their status as a Jew to start a messianic “Jewish” congregation. These people are what I call, “Jew Scammers”. That term also applies to evangelical Christians who start and support these groups, often pretending to be Rabbis and to those Jews who have bought into their lies and now practice Christianity disguised as Judaism.

      Look at it this way: the evangelical Christians are religious predators. Church congregants set up these congregations that look like they are Jewish because they use the accoutrements of the Jewish faith. This includes kippot, tallesim, Christian versions of the original Bible given to Jews at Mt. Sinai and more. Then these predators go out and find Jews to try to get them to believe in Christ by calling him Yehosua, a Jewish sounding name. Those Jews they can entice, are now pushed to get Jews to come to the congregation. These now practicing Christians are pimps; like the victims of sexual predators, they have to get more victims for the ones that turned them.

      A true convert (and there are many of them) wants to be Jewish because they see no validity in Jesus and want to embrace the Jewish faith as it has always been; not as the evangelical Christians try to pervert it with messianic “Judaism”. So Toi, if your heart is pure and you really want to become Jewish, find a real Jewish Rabbi and discuss conversion. There are many branches of Judaism and you have to find the one that best fits you. Please note that becoming Jewish is not easy. You will be rejected and discouraged. The good news is that if you do convert honestly, you are considered as if you had been born a Jew. Also be aware that if you are interested in following the Orthodox branch of Judaism, they do not accept conversion from Conservative and Reform Rabbis. Good luck and I hope you find what you are looking for.

      • I find your comments repulsive. As a Christian, we are not predators, or to be likened to sexual perverts. You speak in a hateful manner. I don’t know any Jewish person who believes in Jesus the Christ who was lead so easily to believe that they didn’t know what they were doing. You insult your own people.
        Also, Evangelical Christians support Israel and the Jewish people more than ANY GROUP in the WORLD. And you know it’s true.
        We are not lacking in congregants and we believe that the Holy Spirit, God himself, convicts a person to believe, not us.

      • Linda, you always get so excited. I did not call Christians sexual predators, just predators. If you are referring to my use of the word, pimp, it does not only mean a sexual procurer. In the Oxford Dictionary it is defined as, “Sell or promote (something) in an extravagant or persistent way:” which is exactly what the “Jew Scammers” do to unsuspecting Jews.

        If you are also concerned about my use of the word predator, one of its definitions is an aggressive, determined, or persistent person. Having dealt with many “Jew Scammers” I can tell you that this is an accurate definition of how they pursue Jews. That is why I do not, insult my own people when I say they are scammed by these evangelical Christians and their pimps. Their methodology is often similar to mild brainwashing (and please don’t write about that, I have already responded to it.)

        Yes I know that evangelical Christians support Israel and am somewhat grateful that they do. The somewhat part has been addressed in another post dealing with the rapidly growing number of messianic “Jewish” congregations, organizations and buildings in Israel. Those of us in the know understand the motives behind the, support Israel movement. To those Christians who believe in Israel only because it is part of their belief, and is the only truly democratic and moral country in that part of the world and not for conversion purposes, thank you for your kindness and support. I hope this answers your comments and helps you to understand how Jews feel about Christianity’s need of conversion, to the Jew first.

    • Ask God for guidance. If you feel lead to be Jewish, then by all means, explore that option. This person is not the typical Jewish person whom I’ve ever met. They were almost all very kind and loving people.

      • Linda, Linda, you love to make negative assumptions, don’t you? There are no, “typical” people in any religion. Jewish people are supposed to be moral, ethical and do acts of kindness. We are the people that were given and brought these concepts to the world as part of a religion with one G-d. Sure, there are lots of nice Jews…..and Christians and Muslims and Buddhists and so on and so on, along with some real doozies.

        You intimate that I am not a kind and loving person. Since you do not know me I believe that your opinion is of no importance. Instead, I will rely on how my family and my friends feel about me; their opinions count. If I were to base my opinion of you on your writings it would be negative as well but we are addressing a subject that is highly charged with emotion. Therefore I will give you the benefit of the doubt and say that since you are so passionate in your (however misguided) beliefs, you are probably as passionate about those for whom you care. So let’s not get personal and stick to the topic at hand. Thanks, Susan

  14. The gospels have no more inaccuracies than the books of Moshe. All things that appear to be contradictions in scripture can be reconciled. The faith you call Judaism today did not exist in the First Century any more than what Christians call Christianity. For starters the temple still stood and it would take hundreds of years to form what you believe today. Moshe was no more a Rabbi than any other figure that appears in the Tanahk. Your insights into Paul are based on ignorance, you claim Christians have no right to redinfine Judaism but you seem to think its OK for you to redifine Christianity or have the authority to state who is a Christian and who is not. Also you are incorrect in your assumption to how many messianic groups are tools of evangelica. Lots of Messianic groups that are run by those of Jewish DNA want gentiles to stay good Zionist Christians and to fund their missionary activities.

    • Nathaniel,
      Please read the following which was taken from: It explains why your comment about Jews not existing in the first Century is incorrect. This holds true for almost all of what you wrote. The sole exception is where you said that some messianic groups are run by those with Jewish DNA. This is true but they are, “tools of evangelica.”

      Sorry Nathaniel but if you are trying to get me to believe that the Jew Scammers are all goodness and light, you should at least find out the truth of what you are saying. Enjoy the short history lesson below.

      Origins of the Words “Jew” and “Judaism”
      The original name for the people we now call Jews was Hebrews. The word “Hebrew” (in Hebrew, “Ivri”) is first used in the Torah to describe Abraham (Gen. 14:13). The word is apparently derived from the name Eber, one of Abraham’s ancestors. Another tradition teaches that the word comes from the word “eyver,” which means “the other side,” referring to the fact that Abraham came from the other side of the Euphrates, or referring to the fact Abraham was separated from the other nations morally and spiritually.

      Another name used for the people is Children of Israel or Israelites, which refers to the fact that the people are descendants of Jacob, who was also called Israel.

      The word “Jew” (in Hebrew, “Yehudi”) is derived from the name Judah, which was the name of one of Jacob’s twelve sons. Judah was the ancestor of one of the tribes of Israel, which was named after him. Likewise, the word Judaism literally means “Judah-ism,” that is, the religion of the Yehudim. Other sources, however, say that the word “Yehudim” means “People of G-d,” because the first three letters of “Yehudah” are the same as the first three letters of G-d’s four-letter name.

      Originally, the term Yehudi referred specifically to members of the tribe of Judah, as distinguished from the other tribes of Israel. However, after the death of King Solomon, the nation of Israel was split into two kingdoms: the kingdom of Judah and the kingdom of Israel (I Kings 12; II Chronicles 10). After that time, the word Yehudi could properly be used to describe anyone from the kingdom of Judah, which included the tribes of Judah, Benjamin and Levi, as well as scattered settlements from other tribes. The most obvious biblical example of this usage is in Esther 2:5, where Mordecai is referred to as both a Yehudi and a member of the tribe of Benjamin.

      In the 6th century B.C.E., the kingdom of Israel was conquered by Assyria and the ten tribes were exiled from the land (II Kings 17), leaving only the tribes in the kingdom of Judah remaining to carry on Abraham’s heritage. These people of the kingdom of Judah were generally known to themselves and to other nations as Yehudim (Jews), and that name continues to be used today.

      In common speech, the word “Jew” is used to refer to all of the physical and spiritual descendants of Jacob/Israel, as well as to the patriarchs Abraham and Isaac and their wives, and the word “Judaism” is used to refer to their beliefs. Technically, this usage is inaccurate, just as it is technically inaccurate to use the word “Indian” to refer to the original inhabitants of the Americas. However, this technically inaccurate usage is common both within the Jewish community and outside of it, and is therefore used throughout this site.”

  15. “to the Jew first” is in our New Testament, Romans, where we are told that all PROPHESY would go to the Jew first and then to the Greek (Christians). That is what is meant by “to the Jew first”, NON CHRISTIANS. So we have no need to convert anyone. I believe Jewish people are very intelligent and understand what they are doing. They aren’t so ignorant to joint and commit to a religion blindly. Again I say you insult your own people. You promote hate and negativity, not Godly love. “Everybody sees the speck in their brother’s eye, nobody sees the plank in their own”, Jesus, the Christ (a Jew).

    • Linda,
      Since you constantly choose to write in an acrimonious tone, I will answer you in kind so that you will possibly understand what I am saying to you.

      I am not going to go into the accuracy of your statement but whatever it says in your particular version of the New Testament, today’s evangelical Christians didn’t reinvent messianic “Judaism because they think we have prophesy. They did it to get us to believe in Jesus by saying that he is the Jewish messiah (as opposed to the son of God or part of the trinity). The reasons they NEED to convert Jews are in other postings.

      Yes, Jewish people for the most part are very intelligent but some, like people of all faiths, have their weaknesses. Jew Scammers prey on these people using a Jewish environment to entice and a form of brainwashing to convince some Jews of the lie that Jesus is a Jewish messiah.

      I do not insult my own people and I do not insult the Christian or any other religion. I do and will continue to insult the Jew Scammers because they are liars and they try to bastardize the Jewish faith. I do not hate you or any person (no matter how deluded) who thinks that it is okay to spend millions just to convert Jews. I just let people know what they do. If a Jew feels a pull towards Christianity or vice-versa, learns about the religion and then decides to convert, that is their right. Jew Scammers don’t seem to have enough faith that Jews will want to become Christians so they scam them. What does that say about them?

      No, I do not promote Godly love. I have no reason to. I promote respect and tolerance which Jew Scammers seem to be short of. If you are going to quote what Jesus was purported to have said, try applying it to yourself and the Jew Scammers you so virulently support.

  16. Linda wrote one more comment which I am choosing not to post here because it is a personal attack on me and not on what I write. However, I have copied and addressed her latest response in my most recent blog; so if you want to know what she said, go read it, it is a good one. Thanks, Susan

  17. I am not Jewish but in my case Jews have kindly reached out to me in a way undeserved…never a cold shoulder… always a welcome to come and search why a Christian like me are falling short of pleasing G-d. Many Christians are coming to know where we have rejected Jewish thought. I want to be like Ruth or like a son of Joseph who have been accepted by G-d and His people. Hope this will help you see one who has a different attitude. Thank you for being zealous in trying to be true to Jewish faith. Please share it with people like me who see a need to draw closer to G-d.

    Thank you.
    George Eastergard
    (immigrant from Denmark…my family was involved in saving Jewish lives in WWII)

    • George, thank you for your comments and for the good deeds your family did for Jews in Denmark. I find it very interesting that many Christians are turning towards the religious teachings that the man they (once) worshipped followed. Whenever I am witnessed to by a Christian, I respectfully ask them why they think that their religion, which was a story told mostly by Paul, is better than the religion that Jesus and most of his disciples practiced and deeply believed in; which is Judaism. I then say that if the man Jesus ever did come back, he would not step foot in a church as he wouldn’t even know what it was. Instead, he would head for the nearest orthodox Jewish Synagogue.
      I hope that your journey to find the truth of religion is a success.

  18. Thanks for the list. Was looking for a fellowship. I realize that you don’t like them but helps out the rest of us who realize that Jesus is the messiah!

    • Betsy,
      I get the feeling that you are trying to stick it to me with your comment. Whether you were born a Jew and became a Christian when you accepted Jesus as your savior or you were born a Christian and are trying to lure Jews into Christianity through the lies of Messianic “Judaism”, you missed the mark.

      Granted, the purpose of this blog is not to help people such as yourself find a group with which to affiliate. However, your comment gives me the opportunity to point out to my Jewish readers, once again, that evangelical Christians do not have our interests but rather their own in mind.
      You want to believe that Jesus is a messiah (although he was proved not to be during his lifetime), fine and dandy, millions of Christians do. The Jewish faith has a series of steps that will lead to the day when Moshiach (Messiah) will come. This has not happened. That is how you shoot yourself in the foot when you say my post helps you. Had it truly been helpful you would be either returning to your Jewish faith or would realize that as a Christian, your love of people includes respecting their beliefs. Sorry Betsy, you only stuck it to yourself.

  19. I love G’d. I wish to serve and please him. Is converting to Judaism the only way to know G’d.
    I read Tanak and pray to G’d for salvation of my soul and forgiveness of offenses I have committed toward G’d. I don’t want man’s tradition and doctrine. I want truth. I want spiritual cleansing and relationship with G’d as father. My soul cries out to G’d.

  20. As Abraham left father and mother and all things known to go to a new land that he did not know, as David cried out for relief of a tormented soul to a living, hearing answering G’d- I want to know him. Where can I find him? How can I find Him?

    • Karen, I am replying to both your comments. You sound so tormented that it breaks my heart. I do not know if converting to Judaism is the only way to find G-d. As a Jew I do believe that the Torah was given to the Jews by G-d because the Israelites (Jews) said they would follow all the rules. We were the first to believe in one G-d and were given the task to be a light unto the nations. It is our job to help make the world a better place.
      Let me make it very clear that what I believe may not be the right path for you. Their are other faiths (other than the Jew scammers and any religion that uses lies or force to make you convert) that may lead you to G-d and bring you happiness.
      Karen, Jews do not encourage conversion, we discourage it. To convert to orthodox Judaism is very difficult. The good news is that if you do, once you have converted, you are treated no differently than as if you were born Jewish. I wish you good luck on your journey. Let me know what happens. Sue

  21. One thing to remember is that the vast number of people involved in these “synagoges” are gentile messianics. Even those who call themselves Jews frequently are not halachly Jewish.
    You will find very few real Jews in such groups.

      • Linda,
        I can not answer for Chava but I will answer for me. There are no Jews in any messianic “Jewish” group or organization. Anyone who believes that Christ is the Messiah, the savior or the son of G-d, is a Christian. The Jew scammers will lie and tell you that if some of their members were born Jewish they still are Jewish. They lie, plain and simple. If this is what you tell others then you lie as well. Any questions?

      • Yes, if someone who is Jewish, with Jewish parents, then converts to Christianity, they are still Jewish. No matter what you call them, the facts are they are the offspring of one of the tribes. Secondly, why are you folks soooooooo angry? Are your people so foolish as to be hypnotized into being a Christian? Don’t they have control of themselves? Call then what you want, doesn’t change their heritage.

      • Linda,
        I am not angry, I am thoroughly disgusted. I will try to answer your question so you can understand why you are wrong in your assumption. A person that is born Jewish and then becomes a follower of another faith, is a member of that other faith. They are no longer to be considered Jewish as they have turned away from their faith. Should they realize that they made an error in their choice and wish to return to Judaism, they will be welcomed back; provided that they totally renounce all ties with that other religion. A convert to Judaism that goes back to their first religion or to a totally new one will not be welcomed back. I know of no Rabbi that would want to re-convert someone who took their conversion so lightly. There might be some but I think they would be foolish if they did. Then there is the matter of those Jews that join the Jew Scammers and try to reintegrate themselves into the Jewish community while still members of the Jew Scammer community. Their goal is the same as the Christian Jew Scammers that pretend to want to be Jewish to learn more about Judaism for conversion. They do this in order to better convince potential converts, that they are Jewish. The difference is that some of these once Jewish, Jew Scammers, can pass more easily as Jews and slowly work to befriend the susceptible Jews for purposes of conversion.

        That clearly answers your first statement. Read it over a few times so that you truly understand the truth. As to your second statement asking if Jews are so foolish they can be hypnotized and do they have control of themselves. You, in my opinion, are one of the Jew Scammers. Your last name is Italian which surprises me as every Italian friend or acquaintance I have had, has been Catholic and very respectful of the Jewish people. There is a possibility that you are an evangelical Christian Jew Scammer that married an Italian. Another option is that you were born Jewish, married out of your faith and you both turned to messianic “Judiasm” after being told by the Jew Scammers that you and your husband could, “share” this “religion.” Mixed marriages are fertile feeding ground for Jew Scammers. There are also those college students who, lured by an attractive member of the opposite sex to the phony Jew Scammer’s worship service, let his or her hormones take over the brain. Before they know it, they have become Jew Scammers themselves. Let’s not forget the many millions of dollars the Jew Scammer preachers spend to bring immigrants to Israel, many of whom are questionable Jews. They then feed and house them along with the not so subliminal message that all this comes from their Jewish messiah, Yehoshua. Like vultures, the Jew Scammers prey on the weak and vulnerable. Do these people have control of themselves? Not when they are being subtly being brainwashed in a seemingly loving way.

        The question you did not ask but I will answer anyway is, ” Can a Jew Scammer fool a Jew that is strong in his or her belief?” The answer, maybe. That is because many Jews are so unaware of the enormity of the effort to convert Jews through lies and deceptions that they think they are invulnerable, and that is where I, Jews For Judaism and groups like them come in. We work very hard to educate the Jewish people about the Jew Scammers and to “out” those that infiltrate the Jewish community. I am proud to say that I have personally been responsible for outing several Jew Scammers. Finally, you are right. A Jew becoming a Jew Scammer does not change their heritage, it only changes them into Christians and takes away their right to be called a Jew.

      • By talking to people that have attended them, and by looking on forums where you almost never see “Messianic” Jews. They are almost always Gentile. Some claim to be Jews with the craziest stories (G-d told me I was a Jew, my great great great grandfather had a Jewish sounding name so I’m a Jew, I believe in Jesus so I’m now a Jew…). Some claim Jewish status because a granfather was Jewish. The list goes on. Without Gentiles the Messianic movement would not exist.

  22. Hi There,
    I just happened to see your site since someone I know happens to go to a ‘Messianic Jewish synagogue’ and I being a Christian was like what in the world is that. I am absolutely with you on the fact that you are either a follower of Christ and obviously a Christian OR you are a Jew and a follower of Judaism. Although there are similarities in the writings in both of these religions, the two religions are fundamentally different from each other and according to what I feel, it is absolutely wrong for a Christian to package Christianity as if they are Jews and make this into a new thing tricking not just Jews but fellow Christians as well. I, being a Christian am offended as well because it does not make sense to me that you say that a believer in Christ will have to keep the Jewish laws and yet believe Jesus died for our sins is opposed to each other…If Jesus fulfilled the law thereby freeing us from sin and he gave us the law of the new covenant, then how does it make sense to live as if we are in the old covenant and yet believe the new covenant? It does not make sense to me….The same way if a Jew comes to believe in Christ, he is a Christian and should live by Christian morals and principles….And if a Christian leaves the Christian faith to become a Jew, then he should live by the Jewish law and principles…You can be a Christian who had Jewish roots or vice versa, but you cant be both at the same time

    I appreciate you taking time to write this.

    Peace be with you


  23. I feel so sorry for you. Yeshua is Messiah. It’s a very Jewish thing. Isaiah 53 is all about him. Even Maimonides agrees. Akiva and Rashi destroyed Judaism. Do you really want to follow a man who claims Noach was sodomized by his son or that demons were living beings and saved on the ark? Yeshua is Moshiach and no it’s not a Christian thing. I am Jewish and will never be Christian because well, Shema! Don’t be fooled by Christians the truth has been distorted…The truth is that Yeshua is a human being and prophet of HaShem and the high priest. Tehillim… What is G-d’s name? What is His Son’s name?

    • Thank you for being a perfect example of someone who was once a Jew and has been deceived and now believes the lies you have been fed and become a Christian. Please do not try to argue that point. Christianity means those who believe in and follow Christ. You want to be a Jew? Go to your nearest real synagogue and talk to a real Jewish Rabbi. Contact, Jews For Judaism, they will direct you and help you to shed the lies you so easily spout. I sincerely hope you follow my advice.

    • You sound like a Jew who was not brought up religious and fell prey to Christian missionaries. Go to Chabad or an Orthodox synagogue and learn. Isaiah 53 is not about Jesus. Jesus is a Christian thing. You may be Jewish by birth, but you are Christian by faith. You are obviously reading from Christian translations. Go and learn real Torah.

  24. Last I checked – you weren’t Moshe nor any other prophet. In addition, HaShem doesn’t need your help telling people what’s right or wrong, or going on a war path against someone else’s faith. Get over yourself. All of your hateful, vitriolic comments are NOT representative of us Israelites – and yes, we are Israelites, not Jews to be technical because you can’t trace your line to Judah. Your are far too self-important, and committing the gravest of sins but judging others and acting as if you are speaking for Him. How dare you!!!!

    • Funny, I never refer to myself as any kind of a prophet. Nor am I on a warpath against anyone else’s faith; just those who say you can be a practicing Jew who believes that Christ is the Jewish messiah. Christians believe in Jesus. Jews do not. My comments are only hateful to those that are being exposed by my writings. I am not self-important but my message is. I have committed no sin; that is on the heads of the Christians who use lies to convert Jews. It is not my place to judge others, that will be done by Hashem and I would never try to speak for Him. The only thing I dare to do is expose the truth. If that offends you then most likely; …I think you can finish that sentence for yourself

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