Why Do They Try To Look Like Us?

   What does a Jew look like? Pretty much like everyone else, I would say. We come in all shapes and sizes, all skin tones, all eye colors and hair that ranges from stick straight to tight curls. With so many media venues using Yiddish expressions, anyone can sound Jewish.

What then makes us instantly recognizable as Jews to both our fellow Jews and to others? It is the rituals of our religion and the paraphernalia that goes with it. A man wearing a yarmulke (kippah) is instantly recognizable as a Jew. A young woman wearing a Star of David, she’s bound to be Jewish. The Torah, the Aaron Kodesh where we keep the Torah, the tallis, modest dress of the orthodox, synagogues with Hebrew names, prayer books in Hebrew and English and our Shabbat services. All these are distinctly Jewish; or are they?

  This is a picture of Hope Of Israel, a messianic “Jewish” congregation not far from my home.

 Looks like a shul (synagogue) doesn’t it? If you were driving by isn’t that what you’d think? If you dropped by on a Shabbos morning, you would see something similar to a real Jewish service.

   Here are pictures of “Rabbi” Barney Kasdan of Kehilat Ariel, messianic congregation in San Diego. and some members of his congregation.

They look Jewish; wearing Tallesim, standing in front of what looks like an Aaron Kodesh and reading from what looks to be a Torah. Even if they were born Jewish (and in this “Rabbi’s” case I’m pretty sure he wasn’t) there is no member that can be even remotely considered a practicing Jew. It’s all for our benefit. To make us feel more comfortable while they fill our heads with their lies. They plant the seeds water them with friendship, love and cult-like teachings. I wonder what would happen if our Rabbis, Cantors and Jewish lay leaders spent as much effort teaching us to love Judaism (and yes, many do especially the Lubavitch) as these evangelicals do trying to teach us to love Jesus. My opinion; these messianic groups would wither and die. No Jew that understands the beauty of our religion has any need to seek another path to G-d. What do you think?


13 thoughts on “Why Do They Try To Look Like Us?

  1. They will try to destroy us with lies and deceit. They have tried for centuries to crush the will of the Jewish people only to be destroyed themselves. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that all the great empires of the world that tried to destroy the Jews have vanished. Keep up the great work that you are doing.

  2. Thanks for your comment. It’s nice to know that my husband is reading my blog. Now if I can just get through to others, we might be able to make a difference and stop the evangelical Christians from tricking Jews into become practicing Christians.

    • No. It takes being born of real Jewish parents (as oppposed to J for J or messianic) or a conversion done by a real Jewish Rabbi, not a Christian or convert posing as one. None of that includes believing that Jesus ( a religious Jew who had nothing whatsoever to do with the onset of Christianity as he had passed away years before.)is our messiah, who, by the way has NOT come yet.
      Does that answer your question?

  3. I am not Jewish. So I do not have your knowledge. I do know that of “Rabbi” Barney Kasdan of Kehilat Ariel is A Jew. This man loves Israel. I know because I was with him. He teaches love and if the church and Jews had as much compassion and love as this man does the world would be a better place. Try not to hate so much.

    • It is very obvious that you lack more than my knowledge. Here is a link to a site that explores your phony synagogue and it’s Christian “Rabbi” and leaders. http://www.messianicjewishtruth.com/ari.html If you bothered to get to know real Jews you would know that we are the most compassionate and giving people on earth. From whom do you think your phony “rabbi” is stealing his attitude? Educate yourself and then let me know what you think of Barney Kasden.

  4. I don’t get why anyone would want to mix Jesus with Judaism. Jesus leads to Paul and Paul leads to “hey, stop doing good works or we’ll accuse you of ‘trusting in works’ and condemn you to hell for daring to be good.” No thanks. I see Judaism as my escape from this nonsense I’ve been subjected to for so many years in Christianity. Its also one reason I have no interest in converting orthodox — the Talmud is full of thought-crime-ism like Christianity; no thanks.

    But let me ask you this; why do you think that Jews are going to these Messianic places? Isn’t it mostly Christians who just want to feel Jewish while remaining Christian? I think in fact many Christians may go here to try and get away from the Paul guilt trip against righteousness I mentioned above. But they only find that Paul is still accepted as scripture tot heir chagrin, and probably end up giving up on Jesus and either becoming atheists or converting ultimately to real Judaism (Reform probably though).

    • I honestly don’t know what point you are trying to make. Reform Judaism is the branch of Judaism that advocates learning all there is to know about Judaism and then picking and choosing what you want to observe. Conservative Judaism is sort of a middle ground which these days is leaning more towards reform. Orthodox Judaism is the most observant of the 613 mitzvot that the Torah commands us to try and obey. Some of these we can’t because they have to be done at the Temple is Israel, which no longer exists. Others are not required for women as they have time constraints. If a woman has children she is not obligated to fulfill those mitzvot (commandments).

      Those messianic places are dressed up to look Jewish. It attracts intermarried couples, Jews who have no concept of the beauty of their own faith. Once there, they are subject to cult-like methods to reel them in. Most of the members of these congregations are Christians either posing as Jews or pretending a love for Judaism to get Jews to convert. If you want to know why, look at my earlier posts.

      I’m not sure if this addresses your questions as honestly, I’m not sure what you are looking for. if you are truly interested in becoming Jewish I wish you the best of luck on your quest.

  5. well, believing in Yeshua does not make one less Jewish, it was and still is a Jewish tradition, the Yeshua movement was all Jewish people, the Romans were pagans. the Original movement had laws stated “One who wanted to be part of the movement had to be Jewish and Circumcised. Also there are any Different Jewish secs, Kararites believe the Father must be Jewish on order for the children to be considered Jewish, their tradition is such due to the fact they left Judea-Israel before Roman occupation, Many Roman solders rape Jewish woman, so if you don’t know if your father was Roman or Jewish, your mother definitely had to be.There was another Jewish Nation other than Israel called Khazaria. Then scientist found a Black tribe in Africa called the Lemba, NOVA team member Dr. David Goldstein commented on the team’s findings: “The first striking thing about the Y chromosomes of the Lemba is that you find this particular chromosomal type (Cohen modal haplotype) that is characteristic of the Jewish priesthood in a frequency that is similar to what you see in major Jewish populations. Something just under one out of every 10 Lemba that we looked at had this particular Y chromosomal type that appears to be a signature of Jewish ancestry. The Great German-Jewish Philosopher and principal voice of the Haskala movement ,Moses Mendelssohn stated it does not make one less Jewish if he or she believes in the teachings of Yeshua, it only makes you less Jewish when you cast away your Jewish identity. Moses Mendelssohn known as the Enlightened One even felt compelled to reaffirm his Judaism in public, he came from an Orthodox-Jewish family and that stayed his belief even while the German-Jewish reform movement was gaining popularity. I am Jewish and I find the writing of the Jewish Rabbi/Philosopher/Son Yeshua very wholesome and loving, he stated “don’t cast a stone (Honor killings) at a sinner unless you have not sinned”. Hasidic Judaism started in the 18th century, Judaism is always evolving. Hasidic’s like to think their the true Jews, Reformers like to think they are, Samaritans say they are the “True Jews of Israel” then there’s the Sephardics and Ashkenazis. I like to think they are All right, they are all Jewish, some people call themselves “Jewish” and don’t believe in God, so how are they Jewish? Jewish is based on a religious idea and tradition, without the belief then your just European, Middle Eastern Asian, etc. I have a feeling Adam and Eve were both Jews and we all came from them if not at least symbolically, I think fighting is childish and I believe God wants us All to come together and behave in the manor he teaches us, Sodom and Gomorrah was not about the sinful sex, it was about Jewish people being and staying Hospitable to one another regardless where they come from or how they look. anyone following that idea, at all?
    Schalom Aleichem!

    • Katharina,
      There are so many glaring errors in your comment that I barely know where to begin.
      Let’s start believing in Jesus (Yeshua) does not make you less Jewish, it makes you not Jewish! This is irrefutable no matter how many lies you tell yourself. The good news is that if you are born Jewish and embrace Christianity, you can always return to being Jewish with no fuss or muss. Next, the messianic (Yeshua) movement at the time when Jesus was alive. There were many false messiahs at that time. Jesus was a rabble rouser who wanted reform “within” Judaism and was also politically active. He was supposed to have been a Charismatic and some of his followers believed him to be the messiah. Years after his death his followers declared him to be the son of God and convinced many “pagans” to join what would become Christianity.

      Moses Mendelssohn; where did you get your totally erroneous information about him? What he did say was that if Judaism is still meaningful, it also has binding authority. The Torah was given to the Jewish people at Sinai. As such, the Torah is to remain in force until God publicly abrogates it. Therefore Christians should not only desist from proselytizing, they should demand that Jews follow their conscience and remain true to their tradition. A little different from what you wrote.
      I will end with your last comments on Judaism. Yes it evolves and changes in levels of observance but the Torah never changes, the law never changes. A Jew is a Jew but a believer in Christ is not a Jew other than by birth. If you ever do realize that you have been duped and that your birth faith has so much to offer you, we would welcome you back. Be aware that trust once broken takes time to be mended. People may be tentative at first as some returnees are false in their actions. Regardless you will be welcomed if you wish to return. Good luck on that journey.

  6. Interesting, I stumbled upon your site from a google search. In full disclosure, I am a gentile but have spent a fair amount of time studying both religions (though humbly still a learner). Aside from thoughts on Messianic Jews, Paul, Christians, and the like, I’m fascinated by both Jesus’ claims to be the Messiah and what seams to be significant evidence from the TNK that supports his claim so I’d like to direct my questions accordingly. As a Jew, what is your understanding of who the Messiah should be, what he would accomplish, and when he would do it?

    It seems to me, the TNK describes the Messiah to be from the line of David, born in Bethlehem to a virgin, despised by most, killed to cover sins, having his hands and feet pierced, dying around 33CE, on Pesach, rising to life again, being named Yeshua, being G-d Himself, and being believed on by both Jews and gentiles.
    To be clear, I have no intention of being antagonistic here. I enjoy learning and always pursuing truth because I shutter at the thought of missing G-d’s design in life and displeasing Him. And I pursue conversation about such things because I think we all must carefully consider how He wants us to be and what He wants us to do. I would hope everyone would have that aim in mind.
    I am happy to cordially discuss the above points if you would like and I am very much interested in hearing your answers to my questions.
    All the best,

    • Hi Sean,
      I wish I could engage you in a conversation about what you wrote but I am not the one to do so. As one who was brought up in Orthodox Judaism, I can tell you that you have definitely not been reading the Jewish Tanach. I believe that you are getting this misinformation from a book pretending to be the Tanach that has been published by Christian evangelicals.

      The following is a link to what might better explain the Jewish viewpoint of Jesus: https://www.myjewishlearning.com/article/what-do-jews-believe-about-jesus/

      If after reading that, you still want to learn more you can either go to Jewish (not messianic) sites such as: www. aish.com or http://www.chabad.org. They may be able to find a Rabbi near you that can answer any other questions you might still have.

      Good luck in your search and sorry it took so long to answer.

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