A Personal Observation

I was a teenager in the turbulent ’60’s. I marched for civil rights and heard Martin Luther King speak in Washington in 1963. When most teenagers were screaming over the Beatles, I was singing songs of peace and harmony between all races and religions. When I look back at my youth and early adult years, I wonder how I came to be in this adversarial position over religion, and then I remember. This isn’t about my intolerance of another religion’s dogma. This is about using our own dogma against us. It is about children being trained from the time they are old enough to understand, how to attract Jews as targets for conversion. It is about taking the outward dressings of our faith and using it to lure us into a web of deception.

This is not about honest witnessing, which I also find offensive but at least an honest attempt to sell Jesus to non-believers. This is about a decision by certain religious leaders to use lies, deceptions and cult-like methodology to convert Jews. What is even more offensive is that they profess to do it to save “us”. If you have read my previous blogs, in particular, “Jews and The Rapture- Why They Want So Desperately to Convert Us.” you know that isn’t true. Their reasons are selfish and in fact they expect all of us to either convert or die after the second coming.

My target audience for this blog is Jews, to make them aware of how wide-spread this well-organized and well-funded movement is. Unfortunately, most of the people I know don’t seem to care enough to even look at it, much less help me get this out to other people. It is this apathy that will allow the evangelical Christians to continue on their path of converting Jews through lies and deception. The majority of the readers seem to be evangelical Christians. They will love reading this knowing that we are making their job easier for them to accomplish.

Sour grapes, maybe. It won’t stop me from continuing to write, to expose Christians posing as Jews and to show the true nature of evangelical preachers who want to love us to the death of our religion. If you are Jewish and reading this, think about passing it on. Let me know what you think. Thanks.


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