Welcome, “Jewish Israel” readers.

  I would like to welcome those readers  who have come to my blog through, Jewish Israel. After ten years of fighting against and exposing messianic “Jews” in and around where I live in North Carolina, I am finding more and like-minded people on the web.

Where I live there is a minimal effort to educate our Jewish community about evangelical Christians and their deceptive methodology to convert Jews. My efforts are often met with disdain as they fear it will dry up some of the “Christian funds” to Israel. The fact that there are now about 160 Christian funded messianic groups in Israel doesn’t seem to faze them.

Sam Nadler leader of, Hope of Israel and Word of Messiah Ministries is headquartered here. His website offers an on-line course on how to plant ministries.  Sid Roth,  distributor of, They Thought For Themselves, ( testimonies from ten Jews that accepted Jesus) has moved his, It’s Supernatural and Messianic Ministry here from Atlanta. The man is certifiable but he raises millions to convert Jews.Then there is the grandfather of big time evangelism, Billy Graham Ministries. His son Franklin, opened,”The Billy Graham Library” on the property of their evangelistic association. You may not think that Graham’s ministry is affiliated or supports messianic groups but you would be wrong. About five years ago I responded to Billy Graham’s column in our local paper; yes he has a daily column. Instead of answering my remark that I found a comment he made offensive to Jews, I received an invitation to join with and literature about, messianic “Judaism.”  Just because he doesn’t advertise it, doesn’t mean his money doesn’t support it.

So you can see that evangelical Christians are busy little bees in my city and that’s not even counting the many other small messianic groups that keep popping up. Still, this community refuses to face the truth. Southern Jews have been afraid to, “rock the boat” for so long that they make it easy for these evangelicals to flourish. Well, I may have lived here for almost twenty years but I’m still a brassy New Yorker.

  Any suggestions, thoughts, or support you can offer would be appreciated. Welcome to my blog!


3 thoughts on “Welcome, “Jewish Israel” readers.

  1. A friendly hello to you! I can get a little carried away when I write, so I will make this brief, for your sake! Your blog is good, I hope you can continue to encourage your people to remain Jewish. If my comment can help in any way, that’s good too.
    I’m a very recent ex-Christian. After a two year process of searching for truth and loving the One God at the same time, i began to feel a love for His people, the Jewish people. It made me wish I were one of you! But one thing I’ve found is that He has given me life and that’s something not to be scoffed at! Lately, since leaving Christianity, I find life to be more pleasant and worth having. Christianity teaches we are to die for what we believe in, not only in the flesh but also in our souls. I never knew this until i came out of it. Here’s how it happened: All of a sudden I had a desire to study and learn Hebrew. It came out of nowhere, but I’m sure it has to do with God. So I learned the best I could and still, though i can recognize the letters and what sounds they make and even *almost* pronounce them correctly, i still have no idea what those words mean unless i look them up! Still, it’s a step. This led to reading more and more of the “old testament”, which i will refer to as the Tanakh, and comparing it with an online Hebrew bible, I started to notice a lot of changes in our American bibles as opposed to the original Hebrew. This was fascinating, though I still wasn’t sure why it all mattered (still Christian at this time). But i continued studying Tanakh as well as new testament and suddenly the new testament started to give me problems. Even in our American versions, new testament teachings were starting to collide with what I had learned from the Tanakh…and I noticed that deep down inside, I felt that the Tanakh was of more importance. I reasoned, like all Christians at some point do, it’s because it “used to be” but now the new testament “is”. This line of thinking worked, but only for so long….a quest for truth was unfolding before me and I didn’t know it.
    Then one day, Paul didn’t make any sense to me. Paul was contradicting the words of jesus…very subtly, but still, causing confusion. I wrote down all the passages where paul said something that contradicted what jesus taught. Then it was clear that paul was a false apostle and I chose to reject paul outright and only stick with the words of jesus. I papercliped all his writings together so i would no longer read them or learn from them.
    Not many days later, everything about Christianity unraveled and then I was given a choice: Continue following jesus of the new testament, or follow the one God of the Tanakh.
    I chose the one God of the Tanakh.
    I had never quite felt such a freedom. Freedom froms chains and regulations set by Christianity, the pride and arrogance of it all, the justification for these attitudes, and the appaling way the Jewish people are illustrated in the new testament. It’s awful! In hindsight, it may sound really strange, but I’m glad I had to go through the lies first, because now I can truly embrace the truth of God without wondering if jesus is necessary.
    I believe he is not. In fact, in retrospect, it is my belief that jesus, or paul, whoever taught these things, taught us to hate each other and love him only, not God i mean, but the teacher of these lies.
    I have a great respect for the Jewish people and in visiting various Jewish sites online, i have found you to be a very welcome and happy people, who do not need to push your beleifs on one another, because you’ve had the same belief for centuries of old, and anyone else searching for these true beleifs may find them, preserved by the people God honored to preserve them.
    Gosh, thank you for reading all this. And thank you for speaking up for your people!
    Happy thoughts to you.

    • Thank you for taking the time to tell me and my readers of your journey. I wish you happiness in your search for the faith that best fits you. If you find that you want to learn more about Judaism, contact a Rabbi where you live. That is much better than finding answers online. Good Luck!

  2. PS. I tied a string around the entire new testament of my bible, as a sign that it was not for me to read. Then, a few days later, I just went out and got a copy of the Jewish Scriptures, The new JPS Tanakh is what I read now and it’s so refreshing to read the scriptures and not have a tainted version of them trying to feed me something that was never written in them! I hope to one day get a full Hebrew version with or without translation, I’m serious about reading Hebrew and one day…maybe i’ll be able to read the Scriptures in their true language! But until that happens, I’m pretty happy to have the Jewish Tanakh, without the new testament!

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