Messianic “Jews” or Apathetic Jews; Which is Worse?

This past Shabbos, a Rabbi gave a semon on Messianic “Jews” and a video that I (and possibly others) sent him. This video (  showed a phony Rabbi named Ralph Messer, wrapping Eddie Long (a suspected pedophile who paid off the boys that accused him of molestation) in a Torah that was supposedly from the Holocaust. I sincerely hope that this was another of the many lies that Messer spewed. The video is disgusting enough without that added horror.

The Rabbi talked about how we need to educate our youth and our seniors as to the tactics of Messianic Jews. It was an impassioned speech that, even though it did not have all the facts right, made an impact on the congregation.  There was only one major problem. This same Rabbi, along with several others and Jewish community leaders, shot down my request to either form an alliance with Jews for Judaism, or have our own clearing house for information about this growing problem. Education is the key, I cannot say this too often. Yet these Jewish clergy and community leaders felt that the miniscule amount of information given to our children and the total lack of education to adults and seniors, was  enough.  

Did this horrendous video change the Rabbi’s mind or was he just using it to fuel a stirring sermon? I don’t know but I will take advantage of it to challange this Rabbi and others to stand behind their words and do more than sermonize. The apathy of the Jewish community here in, the buckle of the bible belt, is inexcusable.  When John Hagee had one of his, United With Israel rallies here, some of the Jewish community leaders actually embraced him. An employee of Federation gave a speech and this same Rabbi gave an invocation at the rally.  Forearmed with documented facts I gave them about Hagee’s involvement in converting Jews (see my earlier blog on Hagee ) these Jewish leaders ignored the truth and fawned over this phony preacher.

APATHY!   Is it worse than the lies and deceit  the evangelical Christians use to convert Jews? You’ll have to make that decision yourself. I know how ashamed I am of people that tell me it’s not important to teach about messianics because if a Jew is stupid enough to fall for that garbage then who needs them. Even worse is the Jew that tells me the money for Israel raised by these preachers is more important than the few Jews we lose to them. It’s not just a few Jews and there are more in danger every day. If you are a Jew reading this, think of what you can do in your community to teach your fellow Jews about this rapidly growing threat and then do it!


2 thoughts on “Messianic “Jews” or Apathetic Jews; Which is Worse?

    • Hi Mark and welcome to my web blog. Love the video, it says so much about Yisroel today. thanks for posting it. If you have any comments you’d like to make about the posts in this blog or any experiences that you or someone you know might have had with messianic missionaries, please feel free to share them. That goes for all the readers of the this blog. Your input is valuable. Susan

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