What Pesach means to messianic “Jews”

Pesach has many levels of meaning and each Jew finds a level of comfort in which to celebrate this wonderful holiday of freedom from tyranny. What you will not find in any Jewish Hagaddah or Seder is any mention of Jesus. Yet, as seen below in a quote from a “Haggadah” put out by, www.shaddai.com , we see that Jesus or as they “euphemise”, Yehoshua, is an integral part of the Hagaddah.

“Leader: When He walked the Earth, our Messiah did not neglect this command. His ‘ Last Supper’ with the Disciples was a Passover Seder (Luke 22:14-15), much like the one we celebrate tonight. Passover is a Feast of the L-rd (Lev. 23:1-2, 5). During that time Y’shua revealed a deeper meaning to the feast, beyond a simple recognition of G-d’s deliverance of His people from bondage in Egypt. It is no coincidence that the Passover became the setting for the crucifixion; the plan of G-d was laid from the foundation of the world. The disciples were well aware of the story of Passover, having celebrated it each year all their lives. But on that particular night, they came to understand that their friend and teacher was the Messiah, that He was soon to leave them, and would return in power to redeem His people in a way they could not yet imagine.”

Here’s another example, from http://curtis.loftinnc.com/Haggadah.htm :

(Lifting the container with three matzot) 

These three matzot are wrapped together for Passover.  There are various explanations for this ceremony.  The rabbis call these three a “Unity”.   Some consider it a unity of the patriarchs – Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Others explain it as a unity of worship – the priests, the Levites, and the people of Israel.  We who know Messiah can also see in this the unique tri-unity of Yahweh – the Father, Yeshua – the Son, and Ruach Ha Kodesh – the Holy Spirit.  Three in one. 

What Chutzpah!! Do Jews go around saying that the Christian holiday of Easter has Jewish roots because Jesus was Jewish? Do we say that the three matzot represent the Trinity? (And don’t you love the Hebrew translation of the “Holy Spirit”?) No! We have no need to pretend that we are Christians the way that messianic “Jews” pretend they are Jewish.

If you are a regular reader of my blog you know that the majority of messianic “Jews” are born Christians, not Jews that have become Christians. These evangelic Christians do not believe that Pesach is their holiday. They just use it as window dressing to lure Jews into their web of lies. A Haggadah with Jesus giving “deeper meaning” to Pesach?  Ridiculous. We all need to wake up and see  these evangelical Christians for the phonies they are and educate everyone we know to their tactics.  It’s not just that they want to convert us for their own needs, they take what is the basis of our faith and the beauty of our traditions and make a mockery of them.  A Christian Pesach? If that angers you then do something about it. Not sure what to do, contact me. Chag Sameach. 


2 thoughts on “What Pesach means to messianic “Jews”

  1. Your first error is that El-Shaddai is a messianic Jewish congregation. It is not.

    Therefore all that follows is incorrect. Particularly your presumptions of intent.

    At best , your motivation seems to be intense dislike driven by the need to proclaim Messianic CHRISTIANS the worst sort of Christians, because instead of being totally wrong in Jewish eyes, like say, the Catholics, they are only partially incorrect.

    Better totally apostate that partially. Now there some logic. Sort of like trying to hang a sign on the Torah that pronounces ‘FOR JEWS ONLY”.

    It’s a few thousand years too late for that.

    • First get your facts straight. If you studied Jewish history, you would know that the torah was offered to all the other nations before it was offered to the israelites. Each of them found something they could not accept. Only the Israelites said to G-d that they would obey all the commandments.

      Since you are able to write, I assume you can read. Here is a link to El Shaddai’s website: http://escfrederick.com/
      Here is a link to their and probably your statement of faith:http://escfrederick.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=23&Itemid=190
      Read it carefully for it states exactly what this and other groups like it believe. It is your obligation to bring the Jew to Christ; or as you say to confuse Jews, Yehoshua.
      And yes I do believe that Evangelical Christians who become or emulate Jews to convert Jews, are the worst kind of Christians.

      As for those who follow Catholocism, they may want to convert us but since the inquisition, have been much more polite about it. They also do not found phony synagogues to convert us. Since I grew up among Catholics and my best friend from elementary school through college was a devout Catholic, I know quite a bit about their faith.

      My motivation is to educate Jews and obviously Christians that read my blog about the lie of messianic “Judaism.”

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