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To all the Evangelical Christians who start, run or belong to a messianic “Jewish” group and the former Jews who now practice Christianity under the guise of these groups; please take heed.

I received a comment from someone who was identified as, “Gods anointed hands.” You will not see it posted on this website.
After a long comment filled with blatant inaccuracies, the commenter ended with,

“Sadly, most Jewish People have come to equate Jesus with the actions of those who claim to be His followers. As we share Yeshua with our friends, some of whom may be Jewish, it is absolutely vital that we understand their perspective so we can deal sensitively with this issue. Shalom!”

If ever there was a glaring example of why so many Jews are disgusted with people like the writer, this is it. How about you do not share Jesus with us or as you love to say, Yeshua? What if you took a good long look at why Christians feel it is so necessary to prove to themselves that their religion is better than every other religion out there. Could it be that they really are not sure that their faith is strong enough to sustain Christianity unless they get others to believe in it too? It would behoove some of the people reading this blog to try and understand Judaism better instead of working so hard to destroy it. Judaism (the faith from which Christianity sprang) still follows the same laws that were given to us at Mt. Sinai. We have remained strong through thousands of years because of these laws and the belief in one God. We wait for Moshiach (the Messiah) who will be a man of peace. We know that Jesus was not our messiah. We do not try to prove that we are the true religion by telling people they can come to a building that looks like a church but all the prayers would negate the belief in Jesus which is what you do to Jews through the lies of messianic “Judaism.” Don’t try and understand how we perceive Jesus so that you can deal sensitively with us. Worship any way you choose and leave everyone else free to do the same.


4 thoughts on “Not all comments are posted.

  1. Amein Amein!!! I would like to say Thank you for being clear as to where you stand. I too am weary of the underhanded tactics utilized by xstians/messymonics the later are no more than xstians. This is a FACT that is not disputable. Thank you for keeping it Jewish. Allow me to say one thing: Judaism unlike xstianity is not a faith (although it is understood by many to be so). Judaism is TRUST in Hashem, when the Jewish people accepted Torah we replied we will do and we will listen (in that order). Faith on the other hand requires belief in something (much of which is very far fetched to Jewish concepts of Judaism). As Jews we are not required to have faith believing in dogma. We Trust Hashem! Thank you again for this blog I don’t see much activity but I had to reply to this one!!


  2. Arik, thank you for your comments. This blog seems to attract evangelical Christians, most of whom are respectful, some who are not. It is good to see that my views are shared by others.

    Let me clarify what I mean by Judaism being a faith. Below is the definition from Merriam-Webster dictionary.
    1faith noun \ˈfāth\
    : strong belief or trust in someone or something
    : belief in the existence of God : strong religious feelings or beliefs
    Using the first definition: I have a strong belief in Hashem and trust that one day soon Moshiach will come. From the second definition: I do belief that Hashem exists and have very strong feelings for Judaism. When I say that Judaism is a faith, I mean that it is something we trust in and will continue to do so despite the millions of dollars that evangelical Christians use to try ad convert us through the lie that you can believe in Christ and still be Jewish. Again thank you for your comments and I hope that you will continue reading this blog and tell other true Jews about it.

    • I understand your clarification and don’t absolutely disagree ; ) However xstianity commands faith=belief. Belief WITHOUT verification, as Jews we KNOW=Trust Hashem and Hashem has proven himself over and over to Our People! This is the reason for my comment. Believing in something doesn’t make it so ; ) I think you understood what I said and I appreciate your reply and will continue reading your blog. It was funny, that my cousin (a child survivor) who lives in Jerusalem sent me your link as I was typing my reply while neither of us realizing we both follow your blog. I will spread the word amongst other true Jews.

      All The Best,

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