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Hi readers,
I have been receiving some very disturbing comments. The people who write them appear to be religious fanatics with no respect for people whose opinions differ from theirs. If you have been reading my blog you know that I respect people of all faiths or no faith at all. Admittedly, I do not like that a great number of Christians feel that it is their right to try and convert others to their religion. If they do so openly and honestly by asking if they can witness to you about their faith; you know what you are being told.
At that point you can choose to listen or you can nicely say that you are not interested and walk away.

Here is what I have a problem with; the Gigantic Lie that you can believe in Jesus and still be Jewish. Please readers believe me when I tell you that his is not a matter of opinion, it is fact. If you believe in Christ you are by definition, a Christian. If you are Jewish, you do not believe in Christ. We believe in one God, not in a son of God, not in what we believe is a false messiah.

If you are going to write vitriolic comments and try to convince me with radical viewpoints from some crazy cult-like branch of religion that has very little to do with mainstream Christianity; don’t waste your time. Your garbage will not be approved and will never appear on my blog!

So dear readers, this is the last you will hear about these people. From now on, all I will do is hit the trash button and be done with them. For the rest of you, keep reading and commenting with respect. Many thanks.


16 thoughts on “Not All Comments Are Posted 2

  1. I have noticed through the years I have lived in Israel,that x-ians seem to be very keen on using Jewish websites and online papers to “share the gospel’ as they call it.A lot of the comments are outright anti-semmitic.As a child survivor myself and fellow survivors are target for this people as well.Quite scary sometimes….As I am a writer and artist,they think it is OK to copy my works,and present it as I am “one of them” GRRRRRRR
    I am grateful for a website like yours,I can feel fairly safe to use.
    PS if one post something on facebook for ex,does the law of copyrights apply?

    • Sara, thank you for writing and please feel free to write any positive comments or replies to other writers.
      I do not know about copyright laws for Facebook. My guess is that anything you write that is not copyrighted by you is fair game for others to copy. I suggest that you contact facebook and ask them how best to protect your work. Good luck.

  2. The mental instability of an arsonist. Doesn’t matter how respectful you try to keep the conversation, as soon as you ask questions to reconcile conflicts in their doctrine, they react like a cornered animal and quickly condemn you to hell. It’s the same thing as when somebody plays the race card during a debate. No matter how the conversation which you’re holding began – they soon torch it and all you can do is drop it and walk away from it to keep from being burned.

      • Countering the pagans is easy if you can get past them condemning you to hell, simply push back on their new tact that it’s natural as a ‘Completed Judaism’. Don’t let them say another word after that…shove it back in their lying faces! If it really was meant to be a ‘Completed Judaism’ and not christianity that they were promoting, then the *only* claim they would be making is that J-man was mashiach and that’s it. If somehow they are not actually cognizant that ‘trinity’ and everything else they push violates every tenet of Judaism, then that logically leaves us with only two feasible conclusions… Either they were never Jews to begin with or that puts them right into the same category of mental illness as ‘jehovah’s witnesses’ and ‘mormons’. John 1 claims J-man son of David for messianic credential. Then explains how Joseph is not the father but maintains J-man is still mashiach. Messianics claim paternal line is maintained in Halacha through paternal adoption and the maternal blood line back to David. Romans 1 – Paul of Tarsus – verse 3 states J-man is made of seed of David according to the flesh. Seed of a man through the flesh comes from the mother? I wouldn’t want to see what she looks like! Could there be a clearer claim of paternal decent through blood relation? Again the messianics can’t explain away the conflict – but catholics don’t even bother and just call it ‘A mystery of the church’.

        Then there’s Isaiah 53 – the suffering servant – they try to replace Israel in the covenant. Like everything else they reference from Tanach, it’s taken totally out of context. Tell them to read the preceding and following chapters (which shows it’s plainly talking about Israel) and then they can come back and talk about it. You won’t find any takers on that offer.

        The godhead is another ‘mystery of the church’ which they can’t reconcile with the Shema. At first they called him ‘son of god’ but then they started calling him ‘god’. It is meaningless to make such a profound distinction and then to pretend that distinction is irrelevant.

        Messianic/church theology is really a black box. They expect you to comprehend concepts which cannot be effectively explained because those teaching them don’t really understand them. If you inquire too deeply into a topic, you get pushed back with vague responses intended to deflect and distract. Then they snap and condemn you to hell. They lose the argument and then lose their mind.

        I’m fine with christians believing whatever they want with their religion and proselytizing to gentiles. Same goes for muslims. While they are categorically heretical, christianity and islam seem to be a deliberate part of the Creator’s plan as a necessary distraction of the quarreling factions until the rise of Mashiach – where they will serve as a catalyst to bring every nation to Mashiach and to the Truth of HaShem. The Rambam made this very clear in Mishneh Torah Volume 28 Sefer Shoftim Hilchot Melachim 11 Halacha 4.

        But if messianics want to be called anything other than liars, then let them refute the claim that J-man was anything more than a man. There is nothing more despicable in this world than somebody trying to trick a Jew into betraying the Creator.

      • I am not quite sure how to reply to your post as there is a lot of information and it is a bit confusing. I do believe that the evangelical Christians who try and convert Jews through lies and deception are not worthy of my respect. Although it is the tenet of all Christians that they spread their belief, many do not follow that path and others are honest in their desire to witness to you. Throughout history, Jews have died because they would not convert or just because they weren’t Christian. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all Christians would stand together and say, “ENOUGH, we will no longer try to get Jews or any others to follow Christianity. We will just follow what we believe and let others do as they wish.” Then if we could get the radical Muslims to stop killing the Jews along with those who will one day decide they don’t want us to be or be Jewish, the world would be so much better.

        That may all be a fantasy and the reality may be frustrating for our people but I can not allow myself or this column to look at other religions in a denigrating way. I am very specific in whom I am trying stop, and as I said, your comment was a bit confusing; especially as to what you were saying about the Church and Jehovah’s Witnesses. I truly appreciate that you are following my blog and commenting on it. I hope you will continue to do so.

      • I was certainly responding to your post and the ire is for the messianic deceivers. I made a subsequent post but I don’t know what became of it. It seems not welcome here for some reason. I’ll bug off now.

      • I am sorry that it took so long to respond.I just responded to your earlier post. I have a full life (for which I am grateful) and don’t always get a chance to get to my blog. One of the things that keeps me busy is tracking what the numerous messianic “Jewish” groups in my part of the world are up to. Being in the buckle of the, “Bible Belt” I have plenty to keep me busy. I do eventually get to all my comments and try to answer them as best I can. Hopefully you will continue to follow, Keeping Judaism Jewish and tell your Jewish friends about it as well.

  3. I refer mostly to messianic “jews”.Of course I am on your side……
    In my first years,I thought that those people-the messianic-was Jews,until I visited their “synagogue’ downtown Jerusalem.Everything looked OK.After a while,I was invited to stay after the service “so people could get to know me”.Listening to people’s conversations,to my horror,they talked about the true messiah.I run away!!
    I have said several times that whatever the nazis did to me,they never hurt me like the x-ians.The nazis was after destroying my body,but the x-ians tried to destroy my soul.
    The messianics knew my name and where I lived,and came often to see me.How it ended is to long for this comment.But B”H ,with good help,I have returned to my Jewish roots!

    • Sara,

      I am so sorry that you suffered at the hands of the Nazi slime but glad you survived. The evangelical Christians that run these messianic “Jewish” groups are highly trained to look for people that are vulnerable. Once they heard your story, you were a prime target. There are a number of Holocaust survivors that were targeted and successfully converted by these evangelical Christians posing as followers of Judaism. You were lucky to escape their cult-like tactics and I am glad that you did. Stay strong!

  4. Raised a mainstream Lutheran, now more or less an atheist (who will never really know if there is a “God” or not) and probably more American Jewish, culturally speaking, than anything else, I appreciate what you are doing and wanted to share with you a sermon delivered a short time ago – Dec. 8, 2013 – by a pastor in an evangelical church in Spokane, Wa (my home town) a sermon I chanced upon while doing research for a novel. Congregants of this church – the Zion Christian Center – have been regularly saving their money (and going into debt) in order to go to Israel and, as the pastor put it, “inspect their property” because, yes, they believe it is theirs, that it’s just a question of time before they occupy it, and they are thus engaged in a no holds barred effort to “fight the anti-Christ spirit there and make Israel see that Jesus is their messiah,” etc. I was particularly shocked by the pastor’s impassioned plea and prayer for two church members presently struggling to get Israeli citizenship. Check it here at the 26 minute mark:
    It would be nice if the Israeli authorities processing this and other such citizenship requests could hear this, though I would suppose it’s not to hard to see why these deluded fundamentalist missionaries are there. It would also be nice if the Israeli government would make it clear to the extremist American evangelicals “supporting” them that they don’t need that kind of support… and aren’t about to convert!
    Best to you in this endeavour!
    Theo Hakola

    • Theo, thank you for your comments. I listened to the audio file at minute 26 and was naturally very disturbed by what I heard. That is not to say that I was surprised by the Pastor’s extremely prejudicial remarks against Jews and Israel, the land that has belonged to the Jewish people for thousands of years.
      When I told my Rabbi about your comments and the audio file he asked me to forward it to him, which I did. I am looking forward to hearing his comments.
      Look (insert a sigh) this is going on all over the United States and even some Jewish people are conned into believing the lies of these preachers. An example of this is John Hagee and his Christians United for Israel. He tells Jews that they do not have to believe in Jesus but tells a whole different story to his congregation. Then he gets Jews to donate money which is used to convert other Jews.

      There is a war being waged by these radical evangelical Christians to convert as many Jews as possible so that (as they believe) Jesus will return and a whole lot of things that I have covered in previous posts, will occur. The audacity of these Christians to say that Jesus will one day rule from Jerusalem and that the Christians have to get a foothold there now.
      You worry about the Israeli government accepting the money from these evangelical Christians. I tell people here and in Israel that the money is used to help Israelis but the centers where they help them are strictly there to convert Jews. It is very frustrating because the evidence is so overwhelming but the dollar signs blind the politicians.
      Thank you again for your comments and the audio file. I hope all my followers listen to it carefully. Please feel free to share any other information you come across.

      • How can Mike Evans and his efforts to target us survivors be stopped.He supposedly opened a social center for survivors in rehavia,Jerusalem.But it is not functioning,but in his newsletters he is doing an aggresive fund raising.The same bomb shelter has had several opening events for the same purpose.The whole thing look like a scam,to channel money towards his prozelyting efforts…
        I could cry!!!!

      • Sara, I checked into what you wrote and found verification of your claims on Mike Evans’ website. He is just one of many evangelicals that are taking advantage of Jews all over the world that they see as easy victims. This includes Holocaust survivors who lost faith in Judaism, the poor, immigrants to Israel, drug addicts and more. I am sorry that you are so hurt by what is happening but at least you admit that there is a devastating problem, which most Jews do not. The apathy among the majority of our people is shameful. I have even been called horrible names by Jews because I oppose Israel taking money from these preachers who use it to convert Jews for their own agenda. Hopefully there will be more people seeing the truth as more and more of Israel is infiltrated by the phony religion they call messianic “Judaism”.

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