Musings On What I Do.

During a correspondence with my friend Ruth, she wondered if my community would like to have a program from Jews for Judaism. I responded that they weren’t even interested in the free programs I offered so I doubted that they would be interested in paying for a speaker; but I would ask. Ruth is the director of Jews for Judaism in Baltimore and has for many years been privy to the frustration I feel when I discuss Jew Scammers (messianic”Jews”, see post, What Should We Call Them) with the Jews in my community. Here is the rub; I live in the buckle of the bible belt, home to: Sid Roth’s Miracle Network, Billy Graham’s library and headquarters, Hope of Israel and it’s global outreach ministry and many other churches that have programs to convert Jews to Christianity. They all use the lie that Jesus is the messiah that Jews have been waiting for so you can worship him and still be Jewish.

Why do so many Jews have such apathy about this conversion movement? Are they blinded by the great PR these organizations have? Does the fact that they constantly push what they do as being good for Israel even as they convert more and more of it’s Jews, sway their minds? Is it the foolish acceptance of their leaders by some Israeli politicians that gives them legitimacy? Or is it simply a live and let live attitude which barely covers their laziness and unwillingness to address the threat.

Here is a common scenario. I meet a person and after some time the conversation gets around to, “So what do you do?” I am officially retired but I have two jobs. I am a writer/burgeoning playwright and (so far as I know) the only person in this area of the world that tracks these groups and updates the community as to their machinations. “I never knew about them.” Or, “I didn’t realize how much of a threat they are.” are the two most common responses to my explaining about the Jew scammers. Encouraged, I delve a little deeper and more often than not, the light goes out in their eyes. Those few who do listen and are even enthusiastic about doing something, lose that spark once they are out of sight. the next time I see them I listen to one excuse and then move on.

It is not my job to push people into wanting to do something. I have two self-appointed responsibilities. The first is to keep a watchful eye on what the Jew scammers are doing here in the South. The second is to inform our Jewish clergy and community leaders what the Jew scammers are up to. It is their job to address this issue and in my opinion, they miss the mark


5 thoughts on “Musings On What I Do.

  1. Is it FEAR? I also think that once one recognizes “A” enemy they can no longer be quite so apathetic. I recently raised the issue with a local Rav, the response was “well, at least they’re not our enemies as they used to be” hmmmm As Jews we are always remembering..,. Pesach to current observances Yom HaShoah etc. for being “rememberers” how can we be so anxious to forget? May you be encouraged that “YOU ARE NOT ALONE” there are those of us who agree and DON’T forget. We recognize “A” enemy – in this case “THE” enemy of our Jewish soul(s). May we NEVER forget and may you find courage and encouragement to keep moving forward in what is obviously your “mission” in life. Know this: You encourage me and I know one in Jerusalem that you encourage as well ; ) Keep Up The Great Work!

    All The Best,

  2. I commented on your Blog “Keeping Judaism Jewish” it is imperative that you move forward!

    Arik Lowey

    • There is a problem with posting legitimate synagogues; I have followers all over the world. The best thing I can do is give a list of sites that list American and international messianic congregations so people can avoid them. Even this is not a perfect solution as there are so many affiliations of messianic “Jewish”, Torah Christians and other such groups that no one site shows all the congregations. I will write a blog, in the near future that will give the links. There are also numerous on-line congregations that entice Jews who are looking for some connection but never think to look within their own faith.

      Look for this posting in the near future.

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