Commenting on the Comments People Write

I have been getting comments on a post I wrote some time ago, “Their Numbers are Growing.” One woman, Linda went back and forth with me a few times. Each time, I gave her information that I can back up but she ignored what I wrote and was attacking me on a personal level. This is her last comment which I chose not to post and reply to as it is indicative of the attitude I am tired of dealing with:

Submitted on 2014/07/20 at 4:00 am | In reply to keepingjudaismjewish.

Susan, don’t tell me how to think and talk with your condescending attitude. You are negative, nasty and make comments about Christians that are simply NOT TRUE, period. Don’t bring in other crap like emotions, that’s just a trick that people like you try to use to move the topic because you KNOW that you are simply a hater. Do you really think God is happy with your behavior? I don’t think so. Stop trashing Christians and suggesting they are brainwashing Jewish people. Jews aren’t that stupid to be so easily influenced. Go away.
Submitted on 2014/07/20 at 3:05 am | In reply to Linda .

This is the comment I wrote that provoked the above response:
Linda, Linda, you love to make negative assumptions, don’t you? There are no, “typical” people in any religion. Jewish people are supposed to be moral, ethical and do acts of kindness. We are the people that were given and brought these concepts to the world as part of a religion with one G-d. Sure, there are lots of nice Jews…..and Christians and Muslims and Buddhists and so on and so on, along with some real doozies.
You intimate that I am not a kind and loving person. Since you do not know me I believe that your opinion is of no importance. Instead, I will rely on how my family and my friends feel about me; their opinions count. If I were to base my opinion of you on your writings it would be negative as well but we are addressing a subject that is highly charged with emotion. Therefore I will give you the benefit of the doubt and say that since you are so passionate in your (however misguided) beliefs, you are probably as passionate about those for whom you care. So let’s not get personal and stick to the topic at hand. Thanks, Susan

What is it that provokes such anger in so many of the people that respond to my posts? Granted, much of I what I write is strong but the only ones I attack are the evangelical Christians and the one-time practicing Jews who are now practicing Christians and trying to get other Jews to convert. I never attack the Christian religion. I only attack those Christians who have made it their goal to convert Jews through the lie that you can be Jewish and believe in Christ. There are so many of them out there and the best way to eradicate them is through education. Let everyone see them for what they are, teach Jews to avoid them like the plague. Once they are fully exposed there will be no more Jews lured in by the lies the evangelicals tell.

There are many comments to my post that I do not publish. Many of them, such as the one from Linda, attack me personally. Others are so convoluted that they make no sense. I imagine that some of these people are not in full control of their mental faculties and I will not continue to engage them.

I will be writing a comment that will explain why I am not showing Linda’s post and that will be the last time she will be discussed. To all of you that read my blog, please feel free to engage me with your point of view. If you are Jewish and are considering joining up with these, “Jew Scammers” or already have and are questioning your decision, please read all my postings. It is most important that once you see the truth, you get in touch with either a real Rabbi or Jews For Judaism. I will do anything I can to assist you in your journey to discover the true beauty of the Jewish faith. Don’t let the bastardization of the Jewish faith be a part of your life. Let Judaism be your guiding light and let the Jewish people lead you to the path you follow home.

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2 thoughts on “Commenting on the Comments People Write

  1. i found the truth after realizing that isaiah 7;14 was misqouted and taken from text and not the whole context. virgin-NO,young woman-YES.also,why was jesus not called emmanuel?! it took me 63yrs.! i believe in one GOD,there are none beside me,i do not change,i am not man!

    • There are many things in the Bible that are misquoted or taken out of context by certain Christian groups. I do not know if you are still a Christian (some call themselves Torah observant Christians, which is sometimes just another front for missionizing) or are converting to Judaism. I wish you luck on your journey.

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