Update On June 5th Posting –

This Shabbos there were three couples in my shul that I believe are still active members of Bella Torah, a Torah Observant Christian group. If you don’t want to go back and read my blog about these groups here is a synopsis. These are Christians that say they follow Judaism to where it is comfortable for them. They read a Chumash (Bible) that seems like the original until you hear everything referenced to Yehoshua (Jesus). They often dress as orthodox Jews; the men wearing tzitzit, and kippot, the women wearing long skirts and often covering their hair if they are married. Their goal is to “imitate” Jews so that they can more convincingly try to convert us by seeming to be Jewish or as they say, “Discipleship through imitation.”. If you go on their social media pages, you will see more Jewish expressions and references than most religious Jews would use. You may also see that they have a lot of real Jewish friends, be it on social media or in, ” real life.”

The couple I discussed in my last blog needed further investigation to find out if they were still with the Jew Scammers or not.  I found that they still are friended with many members of that community. I also found that relatives of theirs are still Jew Scammers. This is not tangible proof as they might have decided to leave on their own (though I doubt it) but still have family and friends  there. What was very disturbing was to see that one relative was social media friends with a Rabbi here in town and the son of another Rabbi.

At this point I cannot name them as Jew Scammers because I need more proof but I am getting there. Do I tell their “friends” of my suspicions? This I may have to do so that they can question these people to make their own decisions.

Back to the three couples that dress and try to act like Orthodox Jews. Every week they attend services, every minyan they attend, every class they take, they are learning more and more about how to be Jewish. If they are (as I suspect) Jew Scammers then  we are assisting them. As followers of First Fruits of Zion (FFOZ) they are told to do this to achieve a very frightening goal; to make Israel the homeland of Jesus as the King of Israel. Okay it really isn’t too frightening, as it sounds ridiculous; too impossible to ever happen. Well dear readers, they are working diligently and with extreme patience to turn Israel into a Christian nation. maybe not in my lifetime, maybe not in yours. I promise you this; if the government of Israel does not start to reign in these Jew Scammers and enforce their laws that would guarantee their expulsion, they will continue to become more and more entrenched and convert more and more Jews. Unfortunately, these Jew Scammers give a lot of money to Israel and take care of a lot of the social problems by opening shelters and caring for the poor. That is how they get converts and the Israeli government turns a blind eye.

I cannot turn a blind eye and in my little corner of the world, I will do what I can to educate and protect my people from the Jew Scammers. It is the hardest non-paying job I have ever had but I am glad to do it. I will update my progress whether positive or negative on these young couples and either eventually embrace them or see them thrown out of our shul and outed to the Jewish community.


2 thoughts on “Update On June 5th Posting –

  1. Why don’t you open your own shelter and take care the poor? Why don’t you give money to Israel? If you did, then maybe followers of Jesus would stop doing it.

    • Harry (?),

      I do give money to Israel, regularly, not that it is any of your business. I also give to many other charities. If I did open my own shelter it would not be to try and change someone’s religion to another. I have listened to your evangelical preachers on television, especially the ones who pretend to be Jewish. I will stick to the moral high ground if you do not mind and not spew lies because I think I have the only path to G-d. I will not give shelter and ram Jesus down their throats with every meal.

      I could go on but you and others like you know what you do and why you do it. Shame on you for pretending to be true believers in Christ when what you do goes against everything that man would have believed as a religious Jew.

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