It’s Been Awhile But I Am Still Here

I have spent the last hour or so responding to some old and new comments.  There were two comments I deleted by someone named Buddy. His very long comments included: a well thought out critique of a book which I have not read and therefore can not comment on and some very strong comments which I found unsuitable for this site.

It has been a very busy year for me and this blog once again, fell by the wayside. I have found myself wondering why I should continue answering some of the very strange people that write in. The original purpose of this site was for one purpose only; to inform my fellow Jews about the deceitful practices of the pseudo-religion, messianic “Judaism.”  Through the years I have found a few that were enlightened by my writings and the links to other sites that I recommended but they are a small minority.

Most of my comments are from readers who target Jews for conversion through the lies and deceit of messianic “Judaism.”  They try their best to trip me up but I have dealt with their tricks for too many years.. I am getting a little older and a little more easily tired but the battle for Jewish souls will go on.

This is a short post because the Sabbath approaches and I must prepare for it. I will put the candles in their holders, the Kiddush cups on the table and the challah under its beautiful cover. I will soon light the candles and say the blessing. Then, with my eyes still covered, I will pray for my family and friends. The wine (or grape juice) will be poured into the Kiddush cups and my husband will recite the traditional Shabbos (Sabbath) blessing. Afterwards he will do a symbolic washing of his hands and then uncover the challah (traditional twisted bread for Shabbos) cut a piece while saying the blessing over the challah, dip it in salt and share the piece with me.

This is my Judaism. This is the beautiful religion that some self-righteous fanatics are trying to destroy. Shame on them!


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