It’s Been Awhile But I Am Still Here

I have spent the last hour or so responding to some old and new comments.  There were two comments I deleted by someone named Buddy. His very long comments included: a well thought out critique of a book which I have not read and therefore can not comment on and some very strong comments which I found unsuitable for this site.

It has been a very busy year for me and this blog once again, fell by the wayside. I have found myself wondering why I should continue answering some of the very strange people that write in. The original purpose of this site was for one purpose only; to inform my fellow Jews about the deceitful practices of the pseudo-religion, messianic “Judaism.”  Through the years I have found a few that were enlightened by my writings and the links to other sites that I recommended but they are a small minority.

Most of my comments are from readers who target Jews for conversion through the lies and deceit of messianic “Judaism.”  They try their best to trip me up but I have dealt with their tricks for too many years.. I am getting a little older and a little more easily tired but the battle for Jewish souls will go on.

This is a short post because the Sabbath approaches and I must prepare for it. I will put the candles in their holders, the Kiddush cups on the table and the challah under its beautiful cover. I will soon light the candles and say the blessing. Then, with my eyes still covered, I will pray for my family and friends. The wine (or grape juice) will be poured into the Kiddush cups and my husband will recite the traditional Shabbos (Sabbath) blessing. Afterwards he will do a symbolic washing of his hands and then uncover the challah (traditional twisted bread for Shabbos) cut a piece while saying the blessing over the challah, dip it in salt and share the piece with me.

This is my Judaism. This is the beautiful religion that some self-righteous fanatics are trying to destroy. Shame on them!


Doctor Who and the Messianic Jew Scammers

I am a Whovian, a big time fan of Doctor Who. For those of you that have never heard of the television series; Doctor Who is a science fiction show from England that can be seen on BBC America and some Public stations. He is a Time Lord that with companions, travels in the TARDIS, (a  blue phone box that is bigger on the inside)  and saves our and alien worlds. He does not die, but every few years, regenerates with a new face and body.

This past Sunday morning BBC America began a new show entitled, Breakfast With The Doctor, highlighting when Tom Baker played the Doctor.  This episode sent the Doctor back in time to stop the development of the Daleks, metal killing machines encasing human minds that have had all emotions removed. Their mission, to make everyone the same as them or exterminate them.

In the end, the Doctor is only partially successful, merely delaying their progress. As he and his companions head back to the TARDIS, his companions lament that the Daleks will still be in their future. The Doctor makes a very insightful observation that a lot of good has come from the destruction wrought by the Daleks. In fear of them, worlds have united and people have become stronger in their desire to maintain their way of life.

That started me thinking about how Jews have stayed strong and maintained their identity for over five thousand years. We have always had an enemy either trying to convert us or kill us, sometimes both. Presently, we have many enemies; just look at all of the problems in the Middle East. Arab leaders still want to push us into the sea. In Israel, Jews of all levels of observance are united in defending their homeland but there is another enemy, one that is slowly and insidiously wrapping its tentacles around not just Israel but anywhere in the world where Jews live. That enemy is the Evangelical Ministries that promote and support messianic “Judaism” and other groups with the same purpose. What is that purpose? To destroy Judaism through the lie that you can believe in Jesus and still be Jewish.

Evangelical Christian ministries are like the Daleks . Single-minded in: their pursuit of destroying all faiths that would dare to be different from theirs, their desire to convert as many Jews as possible before, what they believe to be, the second coming, and in their use of any means possible, including mimicry of Judaism , lies and deceit, to achieve their goals.

I suppose we are lucky. In the past, Christians tortured and killed those who refused to convert; from the Saxons, to the Crusades, to the Holocaust. The Nazis were not the only ones to run extermination camps. In Croatia for example, extermination camps were run by Catholic Ustasha There were even concentration camps exclusively for children! The most notorious camp they ran was Jasenovac, headed by a Franciscan Friar. To learn more about this you can look at this site:

Evangelical Christians do not kill us, they merely love us to the death of our faith. Why do they set up these so called synagogues where Christians, who go to church on Sunday, dress up like Jews on Saturday. They wear our talessim and tsit-tsis, they have Torahs, though usually not a kosher Jewish Torah. Their prayers, both in Hebrew and English sound familiar to any Jew that has gone to Hebrew school but they are inundated with the worship of Yehosuah (Jesus).

I assume that unlike the Daleks, evangelical Christians have souls, emotions and the ability to tell right from wrong. Here then is the problem. From its inception, Christianity has believed that it has the right to force others to convert to their beliefs. It is their mantra, their mission. The arrogance of such a belief is beyond my ken. As a Jew, I have always been taught to respect all religions but stay faithful to my own. I have learned that we do not seek converts but rather discourage them. However, if a person truly wishes to convert, we teach them and once they have converted it is as if they have been Jewish all their lives.

Christianity is an enigma to me. I can not understand the mindset of a person or group that believes it is their right to change who I am, what I am. It is as if, like the Daleks, they have one mission in life, to make everyone the same as them or as we have seen in the not so distant past; exterminate them.

Will they destroy the Jewish people through conversion? I hope that my fellow Jews, especially those in Israel, will wake up and see just how far the evangelicals have advanced and unite against them. These phony “Jewish”  groups cannot exist once the harsh light of truth shines down on them. Read my other posts, learn about the different organizations and how they operate. Understand that it is our turning a blind eye to them that allows them to grow and flourish.

Can we compete against the billions of dollars being spent to convert us? Can we save Israel from becoming a Christian nation? Sure we can! We just have to know our enemy to defeat it. I am a Whovian. How can I not believe that some day, the Daleks will be defeated.

What should we call them?

A funny thing happened to me the other day in the locker room at the JCC (Jewish Community Center). There was a little girl about eight or nine that had been swimming in the pool while I was doing my laps. I saw her in the locker room and we started talking. I asked her the usual questions such as what grade was she in and did she like being home schooled (an easy assumption, this was a school day); totally generic. She asked me if I knew what church she belonged to and I of course said no. Then, as only a little child can, she adorably said that she wasn’t sure. We finally figured out which one it was and then she told me that she belonged to two churches. Immediately, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up because I knew what was coming and I was right. She said, ” I go to Church at Hope of Israel on Saturday and the other one on Sunday.” If you have read my past posts you know that Hope of Israel is the largest messianic “Jewish” organization in Charlotte, NC. Had she been an adult, I would have responded differently but there is no way I would say anything to upset or confuse a child. I just said, That’s nice.” and changed the subject. This encounter started me thinking about how Christian members of these groups think of themselves. It seems clear that her family still thinks of themselves as Christians and refer to this so-called Jewish congregation as another Church.

I usually refer to the people who attend messianic “Jewish” congregations or organizations as messianic “Jews”. Jews for Judaism says we should call them Hebrew Christians. I’m not sure that either term truly describes what they are.

Do you know why I put Jewish or Judaism in quotes when it is preceded by the word messianic? It is because most of the members in these groups are Christian and those that were born Jewish are no longer practicing Judaism. Yet, I am not comfortable calling them messianic “Jews”, even in quotes because some people may not understand why the quotation marks are there.

So what about the title of Hebrew Christians? This too is not completely appropriate as Hebrew is often used as another term for Jewish. Those members of messianic “Jewish” congregations who were born Jewish are considered as practicing Christians because they have taken Christ or as they say Yeshua, as their savior. Should they choose to return to their faith (sincerely; not to try and convert other Jews as some I know have done) they would be welcomed. The term Hebrew Christian does not work for me because they are two diametrically opposed faiths. Yes, some of you will argue that they have more in common than not as they both pray to G-d. Jews believe in one G-d. Once you bring in a son or as some Christians are now trying to sell, a messiah (All the self-proclaimed Jewish messiahs have been proven to be false. We are still waiting for Moshiach [Messiah] to come.), you are talking a whole different ball game.

Now you know why I feel those titles are not fully appropriate and I should have come up with something better to replace them; but I haven’t, as yet. So I will rummage around in my brain to find something appropriate.
Phony-baloney Artists? No, too generic.
Christian Scammers? No, that takes in all Christians and not just the right-wing, ultra-conservative mostly Southern Baptists.

I’ve got it; Jew Scammers! That is a great fit because it is exactly what they do. They are just like the flimflammers of old as defined in the
Collins English Dictionary:
flimflam .. 1. nonsense; foolishness …. 2. a deception; swindle 3. …. to deceive; trick; swindle; cheat…

A scam is an attempt to defraud a person or group of people after first gaining their trust. Scammers are the ones that perform the scam. Jew Scammers, I like it.
If you have something better I would love to hear your input. Please, no cursing, foul language or hate terms. Just try and come up with something that truly describes what these Jew Scammers do. Maybe I’ll like your idea better than mine. Sue

Update On June 5th Posting –

This Shabbos there were three couples in my shul that I believe are still active members of Bella Torah, a Torah Observant Christian group. If you don’t want to go back and read my blog about these groups here is a synopsis. These are Christians that say they follow Judaism to where it is comfortable for them. They read a Chumash (Bible) that seems like the original until you hear everything referenced to Yehoshua (Jesus). They often dress as orthodox Jews; the men wearing tzitzit, and kippot, the women wearing long skirts and often covering their hair if they are married. Their goal is to “imitate” Jews so that they can more convincingly try to convert us by seeming to be Jewish or as they say, “Discipleship through imitation.”. If you go on their social media pages, you will see more Jewish expressions and references than most religious Jews would use. You may also see that they have a lot of real Jewish friends, be it on social media or in, ” real life.”

The couple I discussed in my last blog needed further investigation to find out if they were still with the Jew Scammers or not.  I found that they still are friended with many members of that community. I also found that relatives of theirs are still Jew Scammers. This is not tangible proof as they might have decided to leave on their own (though I doubt it) but still have family and friends  there. What was very disturbing was to see that one relative was social media friends with a Rabbi here in town and the son of another Rabbi.

At this point I cannot name them as Jew Scammers because I need more proof but I am getting there. Do I tell their “friends” of my suspicions? This I may have to do so that they can question these people to make their own decisions.

Back to the three couples that dress and try to act like Orthodox Jews. Every week they attend services, every minyan they attend, every class they take, they are learning more and more about how to be Jewish. If they are (as I suspect) Jew Scammers then  we are assisting them. As followers of First Fruits of Zion (FFOZ) they are told to do this to achieve a very frightening goal; to make Israel the homeland of Jesus as the King of Israel. Okay it really isn’t too frightening, as it sounds ridiculous; too impossible to ever happen. Well dear readers, they are working diligently and with extreme patience to turn Israel into a Christian nation. maybe not in my lifetime, maybe not in yours. I promise you this; if the government of Israel does not start to reign in these Jew Scammers and enforce their laws that would guarantee their expulsion, they will continue to become more and more entrenched and convert more and more Jews. Unfortunately, these Jew Scammers give a lot of money to Israel and take care of a lot of the social problems by opening shelters and caring for the poor. That is how they get converts and the Israeli government turns a blind eye.

I cannot turn a blind eye and in my little corner of the world, I will do what I can to educate and protect my people from the Jew Scammers. It is the hardest non-paying job I have ever had but I am glad to do it. I will update my progress whether positive or negative on these young couples and either eventually embrace them or see them thrown out of our shul and outed to the Jewish community.


Today I discovered that at least one and most likely two very nice young couples are in reality, the worst kind of Jew scammers.

A few weeks ago, during the Kiddush after Shabbos services, I met two couples that are so young, I was surprised they were married.  They were dressed as Orthodox Jews right down to the tzitzit on the men (although the women’s heads were uncovered) but there was something, “off” about them. During our conversation I discovered that they were Christians that were looking to connect with and eventually convert to Judaism. I asked them if along their path they had ever been involved with any messianic “Jewish” organizations such as, Hope of Israel. They said no but they had been members of Bella Torah. I must have looked askance because they quickly disavowed the group. They said that they discovered it was phony Judaism and that was why they were here.

The following Tuesday I was at the JLI (Jewish Learning Institute) at Chabad and one of the couples was there as well. We spoke again and they were such a nice young couple that I let my guard down.

During Kiddush a week ago, my husband overheard the men making irreverent comments about what one of the Rabbis was saying. He later told me that he got a bad vibe from them, even thinking that they might be Jew Scammers.

It was the last JLI class last night and the placards with our full names on them were clearly visible. I copied down the names of the one couple that was there. The next morning I started my investigation. Sadly, I quickly found out that they were still active members of Bella Torah. I have written about Bella Torah and their connection to First Fruits of Zion (FFOZ). FFOZ is a Torah centric, educational clearing house for groups of messianic “Jews”. They teach them to do everything they can to be more like the Jews. It is a slightly different form of Messianic  “Judaism” as they tell the Jews they do not want to convert them, just study Torah together. This Torah however is not our Torah. They  then take their time bringing in the Jesus centered conversations.

Once I had gathered all my evidence, I called Chabad and spoke to one of the Rabbis. He asked me to send the information to him which I did. It was a very sad moment for me and for the Rabbi as well. He told me that Joseph Squiccharini had assured him that they had no intentions of trying to convert any Jews.

The first thing Joseph told me when I was introduced to him was that he was Jewish. When I commented that his name was very Italian sounding and asked if he might be Sephardic, he quickly backpedaled and said that his whole family was studying to become Jewish. When I met his wife moments later and asked how she was doing in conversion classes, she looked at me as if I had two heads. She emphatically stated that she, Joseph and her children were all Christian and had no intention of ever becoming Jewish. Joseph heard me talking to her and after giving his wife one of those “looks” said that they hadn’t started conversion classes yet but were hoping to in the near future. Rule one; like Doctor Who, Joseph lies. In fact, they all lie, all these Christians who devote their lives to make themselves seem Jewish to lure Jews into becoming Christian.

As I write this post I can feel my sadness turning to anger. How could I have allowed myself to be duped by these people? Every other time I have met one of these Jew Scammers the hairs on the back of my neck have literally stood up. Not this time. I was fooled by the obvious warmth of these four young people and ignored my own early suspicions. That will never happen again.

Here is my biggest fear; if I can be fooled, even for a short time, how many others will be as well. The evangelical Christians are spending millions, possibly billions of dollars to do one thing; get Jews to accept Jesus as their savior.They are fanatics and they will not be stopped. The only answer is to keep educating Jews, not only about the multitudes of Jew Scammers out there but about their own religion. Judaism is full of beauty and spirituality. It is there for you to learn. Judaism is our beautiful heritage and why any Jew would look for that light elsewhere is a question for which I have no answer.

Jew Scammers Rallying For Israel

First, if you are a not a follower of my blog, Jew Scammers is what I call any and all Christians that use the paraphernalia of the Jewish religion. They do this to influence Jews into believing that you can take Yeshua (Jesus) as your savior and still be a practicing Jew.

A few weeks ago, when the crisis between Israel and the terrorists in Gaza turned Israel into a punching bag for the media and of course anti-semites; my city held a rally for Israel. There are between 12,000 and 15,000 Jews here. It is hard to get an accurate count as so many of them have no affiliation with any synagogue or Jewish organization. The rally drew several hundred people and had several speakers. Two of those speakers were totally inappropriate. One, a conservative Rabbi, started out with prayers for Israel and then turned it into a pity party for the so called Palestinians (a group of thugs that adopted the temporary name given to the region by the occupying British) whom he called innocent. I think he forgot that they enthusiastically voted in Hamas and did nothing to stop the bombs being kept in their homes, schools and hospitals. These, “innocents” are also the ones that cheered and danced with joy in the streets when the Twin Towers collapsed and the Pentagon was attacked, killing thousands of Americans.

The other inappropriate speaker was a minister who, in a crowd of hundreds of Jews, kept invoking Jesus to help Israel. I think he forgot that we consider Jesus along with many others at that time, to be false messiahs. With all that, ” …in the name of our savior Jesus” going on, I don’t remember what he said about Israel. While I was wondering why he was behaving this way when I knew, having heard him speak in a Jewish setting before that it was not his style, I noticed him playing to one area in particular. I followed his gaze to a group holding a banner showing the name of their Jew Scammer congregation and saying that they supported Israel.

What a dilemma! I wasn’t worried about the Jews at the rally being vulnerable because every one of them was a strong believer in their faith or they wouldn’t have been there. Their banner even identified their congregation as messianic. The question in my mind was, did they belong there? Yes we want Christians (what they are) to support Israel. No, we do not want Christians supporting Israel in order to find more ways to convert Jews.

If I had my way, every Jew at that rally would have actively turned their back on these people to let them know they were recognized as an enemy of the Jews. But this is America and we do have freedom of speech and expression of faith even if it is a phony faith. With this in mind, I decided not to encounter this group of Jew Scammers and accept that in their hearts they wanted the world to know that Israelis, not so called Palestinians were the victims. There, at that rally, we did have something in common.

Commenting on the Comments People Write

I have been getting comments on a post I wrote some time ago, “Their Numbers are Growing.” One woman, Linda went back and forth with me a few times. Each time, I gave her information that I can back up but she ignored what I wrote and was attacking me on a personal level. This is her last comment which I chose not to post and reply to as it is indicative of the attitude I am tired of dealing with:

Submitted on 2014/07/20 at 4:00 am | In reply to keepingjudaismjewish.

Susan, don’t tell me how to think and talk with your condescending attitude. You are negative, nasty and make comments about Christians that are simply NOT TRUE, period. Don’t bring in other crap like emotions, that’s just a trick that people like you try to use to move the topic because you KNOW that you are simply a hater. Do you really think God is happy with your behavior? I don’t think so. Stop trashing Christians and suggesting they are brainwashing Jewish people. Jews aren’t that stupid to be so easily influenced. Go away.
Submitted on 2014/07/20 at 3:05 am | In reply to Linda .

This is the comment I wrote that provoked the above response:
Linda, Linda, you love to make negative assumptions, don’t you? There are no, “typical” people in any religion. Jewish people are supposed to be moral, ethical and do acts of kindness. We are the people that were given and brought these concepts to the world as part of a religion with one G-d. Sure, there are lots of nice Jews…..and Christians and Muslims and Buddhists and so on and so on, along with some real doozies.
You intimate that I am not a kind and loving person. Since you do not know me I believe that your opinion is of no importance. Instead, I will rely on how my family and my friends feel about me; their opinions count. If I were to base my opinion of you on your writings it would be negative as well but we are addressing a subject that is highly charged with emotion. Therefore I will give you the benefit of the doubt and say that since you are so passionate in your (however misguided) beliefs, you are probably as passionate about those for whom you care. So let’s not get personal and stick to the topic at hand. Thanks, Susan

What is it that provokes such anger in so many of the people that respond to my posts? Granted, much of I what I write is strong but the only ones I attack are the evangelical Christians and the one-time practicing Jews who are now practicing Christians and trying to get other Jews to convert. I never attack the Christian religion. I only attack those Christians who have made it their goal to convert Jews through the lie that you can be Jewish and believe in Christ. There are so many of them out there and the best way to eradicate them is through education. Let everyone see them for what they are, teach Jews to avoid them like the plague. Once they are fully exposed there will be no more Jews lured in by the lies the evangelicals tell.

There are many comments to my post that I do not publish. Many of them, such as the one from Linda, attack me personally. Others are so convoluted that they make no sense. I imagine that some of these people are not in full control of their mental faculties and I will not continue to engage them.

I will be writing a comment that will explain why I am not showing Linda’s post and that will be the last time she will be discussed. To all of you that read my blog, please feel free to engage me with your point of view. If you are Jewish and are considering joining up with these, “Jew Scammers” or already have and are questioning your decision, please read all my postings. It is most important that once you see the truth, you get in touch with either a real Rabbi or Jews For Judaism. I will do anything I can to assist you in your journey to discover the true beauty of the Jewish faith. Don’t let the bastardization of the Jewish faith be a part of your life. Let Judaism be your guiding light and let the Jewish people lead you to the path you follow home.

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Musings On What I Do.


During a correspondence with my friend Ruth, she wondered if my community would like to have a program from Jews for Judaism. I responded that they weren’t even interested in the free programs I offered so I doubted that they would be interested in paying for a speaker; but I would ask. Ruth is the director of Jews for Judaism in Baltimore and has for many years been privy to the frustration I feel when I discuss Jew Scammers (messianic”Jews”, see post, What Should We Call Them) with the Jews in my community. Here is the rub; I live in the buckle of the bible belt, home to: Sid Roth’s Miracle Network, Billy Graham’s library and headquarters, Hope of Israel and it’s global outreach ministry and many other churches that have programs to convert Jews to Christianity. They all use the lie that Jesus is the messiah that Jews have been waiting for so you can worship him and still be Jewish.

Why do so many Jews have such apathy about this conversion movement? Are they blinded by the great PR these organizations have? Does the fact that they constantly push what they do as being good for Israel even as they convert more and more of it’s Jews, sway their minds? Is it the foolish acceptance of their leaders by some Israeli politicians that gives them legitimacy? Or is it simply a live and let live attitude which barely covers their laziness and unwillingness to address the threat.

Here is a common scenario. I meet a person and after some time the conversation gets around to, “So what do you do?” I am officially retired but I have two jobs. I am a writer/burgeoning playwright and (so far as I know) the only person in this area of the world that tracks these groups and updates the community as to their machinations. “I never knew about them.” Or, “I didn’t realize how much of a threat they are.” are the two most common responses to my explaining about the Jew scammers. Encouraged, I delve a little deeper and more often than not, the light goes out in their eyes. Those few who do listen and are even enthusiastic about doing something, lose that spark once they are out of sight. the next time I see them I listen to one excuse and then move on.

It is not my job to push people into wanting to do something. I have two self-appointed responsibilities. The first is to keep a watchful eye on what the Jew scammers are doing here in the South. The second is to inform our Jewish clergy and community leaders what the Jew scammers are up to. It is their job to address this issue and in my opinion, they miss the mark

Not All Comments Are Posted 2

Hi readers,
I have been receiving some very disturbing comments. The people who write them appear to be religious fanatics with no respect for people whose opinions differ from theirs. If you have been reading my blog you know that I respect people of all faiths or no faith at all. Admittedly, I do not like that a great number of Christians feel that it is their right to try and convert others to their religion. If they do so openly and honestly by asking if they can witness to you about their faith; you know what you are being told.
At that point you can choose to listen or you can nicely say that you are not interested and walk away.

Here is what I have a problem with; the Gigantic Lie that you can believe in Jesus and still be Jewish. Please readers believe me when I tell you that his is not a matter of opinion, it is fact. If you believe in Christ you are by definition, a Christian. If you are Jewish, you do not believe in Christ. We believe in one God, not in a son of God, not in what we believe is a false messiah.

If you are going to write vitriolic comments and try to convince me with radical viewpoints from some crazy cult-like branch of religion that has very little to do with mainstream Christianity; don’t waste your time. Your garbage will not be approved and will never appear on my blog!

So dear readers, this is the last you will hear about these people. From now on, all I will do is hit the trash button and be done with them. For the rest of you, keep reading and commenting with respect. Many thanks.

Not all comments are posted.

To all the Evangelical Christians who start, run or belong to a messianic “Jewish” group and the former Jews who now practice Christianity under the guise of these groups; please take heed.

I received a comment from someone who was identified as, “Gods anointed hands.” You will not see it posted on this website.
After a long comment filled with blatant inaccuracies, the commenter ended with,

“Sadly, most Jewish People have come to equate Jesus with the actions of those who claim to be His followers. As we share Yeshua with our friends, some of whom may be Jewish, it is absolutely vital that we understand their perspective so we can deal sensitively with this issue. Shalom!”

If ever there was a glaring example of why so many Jews are disgusted with people like the writer, this is it. How about you do not share Jesus with us or as you love to say, Yeshua? What if you took a good long look at why Christians feel it is so necessary to prove to themselves that their religion is better than every other religion out there. Could it be that they really are not sure that their faith is strong enough to sustain Christianity unless they get others to believe in it too? It would behoove some of the people reading this blog to try and understand Judaism better instead of working so hard to destroy it. Judaism (the faith from which Christianity sprang) still follows the same laws that were given to us at Mt. Sinai. We have remained strong through thousands of years because of these laws and the belief in one God. We wait for Moshiach (the Messiah) who will be a man of peace. We know that Jesus was not our messiah. We do not try to prove that we are the true religion by telling people they can come to a building that looks like a church but all the prayers would negate the belief in Jesus which is what you do to Jews through the lies of messianic “Judaism.” Don’t try and understand how we perceive Jesus so that you can deal sensitively with us. Worship any way you choose and leave everyone else free to do the same.